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By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 24, 2020

Star Wars fans can support their favorite movie franchise in comfort thanks to Adidas and its new limited-edition Chewbaca sneakers.

Adidas pays tribute to the beloved Star Wars character Chewbaca with its new fur-lined, eye-catching shoe. The Rivalry Hi Chewbacca shoe will be a limited-edition sneaker featuring multiple character references, such as a brown and beige color palette, “wookie” faux-fur detailing, and a mini leather belt replica. To ensure the shoes are not mistaken for any other character, there is also a Chewbacca portrait on the shoe’s tongue as well as a larger illustration on the insole. The shoes join Adidas’ growing collection of Star Wars-themed merchandise, including sneakers inspired by characters Hans Solo and Boba Fett. For now, the Rivalry Hi Chewbacca will only be for sale on the Adidas UK website beginning October 21, but could launch in the U.S. soon, as well. 

The Chewbacca-inspired sneakers aim to appeal to movie buffs and sneakerheads alike. As the Star Wars fanbase is famously dedicated to the franchise, any limited-edition merchandise from an outside brand could bring in an array of new customers. In Adidas’ case, the Rivalry Hi Chewbacca shoes could attract  a wide range of male and female consumers, as well as in a variety of ages. Adidas can build buzz around the new sneakers by turning to social media, where it could merge its highly engaged Instagram following with Star Wars fans to boost anticipation according to a Gartner report. While the footwear brand has not yet officially promoted the sneakers on its Instagram channel, devoted sneakerheads and Star Wars fans have shared images of the shoes to connect with fellow fans. By leaning into this strategy, Adidas could build excitement and hype around the new shoes without embarking on its own large-scale marketing campaign, saving it time and money while still building connections with an engaged audience. 

With the launch of new Star Wars sneakers, Adidas could associate itself with the popular movie franchise and stay top of mind with fans and consumers around the world, online and in-store.