Daily Insights

The Future is Sweet

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 13, 2020

For those who believe sweet dreams are made of Hershey’s, the future just got a little yummier. The chocolatier has decided to give its classic candies a Halloween-themed makeover a little early this year. 

Hershey’s announced four new variations of its most popular candies, including the most popular Halloween candy in the U.S.—Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—now called the Reese’s Franken-Cup. While it has the same taste as a classic Reese’s, the Franken-Cup features a “green creme” bottom. The brand is also turning the Kit-Kat green with the new Witches Brew Kit-Kat, which combines marshmallow-flavored creme and a green-colored, white chocolate coating. Also included in the spooky selection are Cookies N’ Creme Fang bars and Hershey’s Vampire Kisses—the popular Kiss candy filled with blood-inspired strawberry creme. All of the creepy candies will be available nationwide, though they will not hit shelves until closer to the holiday. 

Though Hershey’s new candy campaign could excite many chocoholics around the country, it may not reach all of them at this time as the brand is currently limiting its promotional marketing. Hershey’s is one of many big-name brands boycotting social media advertising in response to Facebook’s hate speech policies. As such, the label is not promoting any products or posting any content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and thus not advertising the new Halloween candy lineup to its nearly 10 million social media followers. However, given Hershey’s candy promotion is themed for an October holiday, the brand still has plenty of time for promotion post-boycott on social media. Food content performs best on social media according to a Gartner report, so Hershey’s can still roll out a marketing strategy for its Halloween candy in the near future. By withholding large-scale promotions now, the industry icon could actually build relevance with socially active consumers.  

As Halloween weekend is Hershey’s best-selling holiday, it’s unsurprising the brand wants to get celebrations started early this year in particular. Releasing a new candy lineup during the summer could send consumer’s cravings surging, providing a boost in sales now and allowing Hershey’s to stay top of mind with fans eagerly awaiting the new, spooky sweets amidst the bleakness of a Coronavirus-tainted summer.