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The Girl Scouts Earn a Media Badge

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 30, 2020

The Girl Scouts are connecting with their alumni network of 50 million members through a new digital media brand. CircleAround Powered by the Girl Scouts is an online content hub and media organization targeting women ages 25-54. The website features content relatable to modern women in the United States, covering topics such as money, wellness, and work, among others. The initiative consists of video series, articles, podcasts, and blogs, and all content will align with Girl Scouts values, including service, honesty, courage, and respect. Studies have shown many women’s values today parallel those of the Girl Scouts, which could help the CircleAround platform resonate more with the adult, female audience. 

The Girl Scout’s media platform is launching with two signature launch partners: Shutterstock and Verizon. After the website’s official launch in July, the brand plans to add additional sponsors and media partners. The website will publish around 150 pieces of curated content each month, many of which will be promoted on its social media channels. To reach women across social media, CircleAround has profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and Pinterest. Having a cross-platform presence could help the Girl Scouts expand their reach and find larger audiences primed for engagement, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Reaching viewers through digital and social media could help the brand expand its influence, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic, when online connections have reigned supreme. The website also provides a modern outlet for the Girl Scouts to continue promoting female empowerment for adults, in addition to giving alumni a reason to reconnect with the organization. 

While Girl Scouts cookie sales crumbled in the wake of the pandemic, the organization’s new media brand could make up for many of the lost sales, and provide an outlet to further engage current and former members. Though the brand is initially targeting former Scouts, the relatable content could interest millions of women around the country who were never in the organization, but find relevance in its new platform.