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The Instagram Salon

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 15, 2019

New hair trends seem to constantly come about, with new styles deemed “on-trend” for each upcoming season. In recent years the most accessible place to see these new trends has been Instagram, where beauty influencers, professional hair stylists and hair care brands intertwine.

The rising purchasing power and influence of Gen-Z has led many hair care brands to reevaluate how they sell new products and trends. The majority of brands tend to partner with known cosmetologists rather than beauty influencers, with the latter’s broad target audience seeming too risky. To increase the reach of sponsored posts, hair care brands should expand the network of influencer partnerships to include those outside of the hair category, according to a Gartner L2 report on this topic. This disproportionate sponsoring has left a hole in the Instagram market where hair care companies could reach younger users following lesser known influencers and brands. 

Because many hair care brands pass on partnerships with beauty influencers, they miss out on crucial credits in the digital worldnamely, tagging.  Many hair trends that have been on the rise this year, like the shag or blonde chunky highlights, became popular first on Instagram but the accounts or brands that started the trends will not get extensive recognition due to the lack of partnerships. 

Instagram has become the go-to place to discover the newest trends in fashion, beauty and hair. Much of the growth in trends of all types is thanks to influencer-brand partnerships. If hair care brands continue to pass these up, they could miss out on a promising opportunity for growth.