Daily Insights

The Last Doritos

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 17, 2020

Doritos Israel’s new light-hearted campaign shows the funnier side of being stuck inside during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Doritos created a new commercial to visualize the self-control it takes to ration snacks while in lockdown. The brand’s 30-second spot, called “The Last Doritos”, features a man two weeks away from his next grocery delivery, but already down to his last Dorito chip. As the days drag on, the man tries his hardest to take only the smallest bites of the chip until his groceries finally arrive and he can open up a new bag of Doritos. While the focal point of the ad is certainly the chips, the brand also makes light of delivery orders, which globally have become a crisis of their own as people wait days at a time to even be able to place an order. By creating an engaging ad centered around a snack food, Doritos maintains relevance amongst consumers, according to a Gartner report—particularly as more customers crave comfort food while in lockdown. 

“The Last Doritos”, set only to run in Israel across digital media and television, is a turnaround from the ad recently released by Frito-Lay, Doritos’ parent company, in the U.S. The brand created “It’s About People” as a video reminder that the pandemic is about people, not brands. The ad directly states it is not a time to be “advertising” or launching sales pitches disguised as emotional empathy. Releasing an ad that tells fellow brands not to release ads is a bold move, and one that juxtaposes the Doritos’ Israeli campaign. Still, because the latter sheds light on relatable and relevant consumer dilemmas, it could resonate well with social distancers in Israel.

Doritos Israel’s comical ad emulates what many could be feeling while in isolation and could remind customers placing grocery orders that maybe it’s better to request more snacks, just to be on the safe side.