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The Laughing Cow’s Cheesy Chuckle

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 03, 2020

The Laughing Cow is inviting fans to laugh along, even if it’s cheesy. 

The cheese brand has launched a new campaign called “Because It’s Better to Laugh” highlighting the health benefits of laughter—tying it into the brand’s updated, healthier cheese line. Laughing Cow is rolling out a cross-channel promotion that will include digital, social, out-of-home, and event marketing elements. The campaign came about after a company poll found that 59% of Americans would like to laugh more frequently. The brand is promoting that consumers have time to laugh and eat nutritiously—benefiting from the health improvements of both. As for the cheese, The Laughing Cow has added more calcium and protein to its snack size cheeses and removed artificial coloring and flavoring. 

Food brands are having to adapt to a changing environment full of consumers with evolving preferences and health needs, according to a Gartner report. While The Laughing Cow has always been known for its snack-sized cheeses, the brand is now leaning into its image more than ever before. By promoting the health benefits of the new cheese line, including having fewer calories and fat per serving, the brand can stay top of mind with health-conscious snackers. The Laughing Cow is currently promoting it’s laugh-centric campaign through billboards across Times Square in Manhattan, through ads on digital media, and on social media—including on the brand’s Pinterest page where it often posts healthy recipes and snack ideas. 

The Laughing Cow is getting healthier in hopes of making consumers happier. By campaigning across various channels, a wider audience can be inspired to laugh along with the brand.