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The Lipstick Effect

By: Cymone Thomas | Jan 09, 2019

Cosmetics that contain natural products are a growing trend as consumers become more aware of not only what they ingest, but also what’s applied to the surface of their skin. Over the past year, sales of paraben-free products have outpaced their conventional counterparts, with the lip cosmetics category swiping an 87% share.

It was therefore no surprise that when Zara launched its first beauty line in December, it focused on lipsticks. Lipsticks free from parabens, no less.

Zara lists the lipstick ingredients among the product images in large font to ensure its paraben-free credentials aren’t missed. However, the complex ingredient terminology doesn’t reveal much to the average shopper. Retailers can look to Lush Cosmetics for a more user-friendly version, which hyperlinks each ingredient to a detailed information page. Only 15% of brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty UK provide dedicated ingredient information pages, which can help feed consumers’ desire for transparency and help secure a sale.

Lipstick ingredients

Zara’s provides a static ingredient list, while Lush uses an interactive format where consumers can discover more about each component.

Zara’s lipstick range is exclusively available online, but neglects to include on-model swatches on each product page. Instead the brand opts for five images of the product at different angles. Without the presence of a tester product, retailers must find other ways to guide online shoppers toward the correct product/shade. After all, cosmetics are often non-refundable once opened. Augmented reality is an advanced option, but as a bare minimum, retailers should show the product on a variety of skin tones.

Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics shows the product on a variety of skin tones.

NYX Cosmetics and Becca Cosmetics are two brands that use product images to give customers a better likeness of what the product looks like on the skin. A satisfied customer leads to a greater chance of repeat purchases.

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