Daily Insights

The New Age of Travel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 22, 2020

Lonely Planet and Culture Trip—two popular digital travel guides—are teaming up to redefine travel for the post-Coronavirus age. Both brands have united under their “Travel Reborn” mission, which will include new app integrations, display advertising campaigns, and experiential activations centered around safe and sustainable trips. Advertisers can partner under the mission to reach both brands’ combined audience of 100 million users, including 20 million social media followers. Lonely Planet and Culture Trip will also provide updated metrics to advertisers based on shifts in travel planning and consumer preferences in the wake of the pandemic. The global mission is launching as consumers slowly begin to travel and plan trips again. 

While “Travel Reborn” is the product of drastic changes in the travel industry, the mission’s focal point is sustainability—a charge both brands are heavily involved in. Environmentally-friendly travel options, including responsible wildlife experiences and how to support local communities, will be featured through the mission. To further the sustainable pledge, the initiative is being promoted entirely online, on social media, and through both brand’s mobile apps. Using mobile apps to simultaneously advertise could help maximize the mission’s content and increase retention rates with users for each brand, according to a Gartner report on the topic. As well, promoting on social media could boost “Travel Reborn’s” reach with young travelers, who are more technologically-savvy than older generations and more keen to share authentic travel experiences with others over social media. 

Despite an international pause on travel due to the pandemic, consumer hunger for travel prevails. In fact, 42% of travelers want to continue traveling globally, while 20% of travelers are ready to take even more international trips than they did prior to the crisis. With consumers willing to continue exploring and taking trips, “Travel Reborn” presents a prime opportunity for advertisers to connect with wanderlusters worldwide. Lonely Planet and Culture Trip’s new initiative could present a suitable chance to teach audiences about safe travel, particularly as different countries roll out their own regulations and health requirements post-Coronavirus. By promoting safe travel now—while cities and countries are just beginning to reopen—consumers may be more willing to start planning trips, which in turn could sway advertisers to join the mission. 

Culture Trip and Lonely Planet are trusted voices in the travel industry, and creating a go-to space where fans can learn about new travel trends and safety guidelines could help strengthen audience loyalty and maintain their reputations as reliable sources on all things sustainable and safe travel.