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The New Cooking Channel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 03, 2019

Looking through cookbooks or watching cooking shows to get recipes is officially a vintage activity. Nowadays, the most popular way to find new recipes and cooking videos is via social media, where everyone from home bakers to Michelin-starred chefs post how-to videos. 

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become the ultimate equalizers in the food world. Professional chefs, amateur cooks, and their admirers can unite on social media where they share a common love: food. While Facebook has had more success drawing in crowds of over age fifty-five to watch their sponsored food content, Instagram has found their key target in those ages 18-30 who enjoy watching everything from cake decorating videos to tours of famous restaurants around the world. On Facebook, “how-to” videos have proven most successful, while those on Instagram prefer to see content about ice cream or other sugary foods, according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. 

A new, unlikely social media app is starting to conquer the cooking content market, too. TikTok, the viral video-making app has found an influx of amateur cooking videos gaining popularity online. Whereas Facebook features sponsored videos from the likes of Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, TikTok has no sponsored food companies or chefs, but just regular people sharing their joyful, and occasionally comedic, styles of cooking. 

Although chefs may argue that likes and views mean nothing if they do not have customers lined up at their restaurant doors, having a broad, digital audience to share recipes, videos, and photos of food with has become a great perk to using social media.