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The Old College Try

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 15, 2020

Facebook makes it easier for students to connect with their classmates with a new section dubbed Facebook Campus

To join Facebook Campus, college students can submit their university email address and their graduation year. Students can then create profiles separate from their main account, with the ability to switch between the two using the tabs features at the top of their feed. On Facebook Campus, users will see a college-only news feed, events and groups to join, and “Campus Chats” which serves as a real-time chat feature where students can talk to others from their school. A user’s Facebook Campus feed will only show posts and events from their university, allowing students to find classmates or clubs, which could be particularly helpful as the Coronavirus pandemic shifts many colleges to remote learning. Facebook Campus will also house a campus directory where students can search for classmates by graduation year, major, or current classes. 

In 2004, Facebook began at Harvard University as a college-only website, so the irony is not lost that it is essentially reinventing itself. However, with thousands of students spread out across the country and world this academic year, once again designating a section of its platform to college kids could appeal to a large share of users. Facebook Campus is debuting at 30 universities around the United States, including Brown University, Georgia Southern University, and the California Institute of Technology. If deemed useful to students, it could roll out to more colleges around the country or world later this year. The student section is available online and on the app, with students able to create Campus Chats that will also appear in Messenger. While Facebook Campus could help keep students connected on and off campus, the initiative could also raise engagement rates for Facebook and potentially keep users more active on the site according to a Gartner report. With Gen Z users spending the least amount of time on Facebook compared to other generations, Facebook Campus could be the key to connecting with the college-aged consumers. 

Facebook Campus allows students to get involved on campus, even if they are not actually on campus this year. With its dedicated student section, Facebook could become a go-to place to connect with classmates and hear about current campus events, helping raise the platform’s profile amongst students and boost interactivity rates in the long run.