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The Power of Choice

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Aug 14, 2019

Rimmel London is taking to Instagram to give consumers the power of choice. The cosmetics company recently launched its first interactive campaign on the picturesque platform, spearheaded by brand ambassador and makeup artist James Molloy. Here’s what makes the move stand out from the rest.

With over half a million followers on Instagram, Rimmel London invited users to select what they see in its latest lipstick ad. Viewers were able to tap into the brand’s Story or “Lips” Highlight to scope out the set, music, and lipstick shade options via the Poll feature, with Molloy as a guide in concocting their own version of the ad. The options with the most votes will then be selected for the final film. Currently, 600 million people are seeking out and discovering new products on Instagram, so the platform couldn’t be more primed for shopping. That said, sponsored posts and influencer collaborations aren’t always the best tools anymore. By giving users the privilege of choice, Rimmel London may have found a way to add some creativity to what might otherwise be just another ad while also upping its engagement on the platform.

In the past, Rimmel has shone as a consistently Gifted brand in Gartner L2’s digital rankings. But it’s not the only one doubling down on digital adornments to keep consumers captivated. For example, beauty brands in the UK are opting for augmented reality to give customers a more connected and customized experience. In fact, usage of the tool is up 4% since last year in the UK according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty UK.

But fortune doesn’t always necessarily favor the flashy. Perhaps the best showcase of a brand’s products is one curated by the consumer himself.

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