Daily Insights

The Ride of Frankenstein

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 30, 2019

Back seat entertainment is going virtual. Ford and Universal Pictures are teaming up to bring fans an immersive, Frankenstein-themed virtual reality experience. 

Fans can go to the Universal City Walk and step into a 2020 Ford Explorer. Once they’ve strapped on a VR headset they’ll be transported into a new reality where they receive a message from the Bride of Frankenstein to deliver to Frankenstein. Entertainment tech company Holoride is partnering with Ford to bring modern entertainment to car passengers. For the experiment, car movements will be synchronized to the VR headsets, meaning when the car suddenly stops, so does whatever people are seeing in their headsets. This virtual advertising strategy taps a new market and medium for Ford, which traditionally relied on a TV advertising, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. 

Ford is hoping to revolutionize in-car experiences and take ride entertainment to a whole new level. The company is offering fans the chance to go on the virtual reality ride for free, where they will encounter multiple obstacles and monsters on their journey to meet Frankenstein and test out the new vehicle at the same time. 

This adventure may not be a treat for those that suffer from motion sickness, but for anyone else looking for a digitally-fueled monster joyride, Ford’s adventure awaits.