Daily Insights

The Rise of Reddit

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Aug 07, 2019

42% of consumers turn to social media to conduct product research, which is second only to search engines as a research channel. Watch enthusiasts in particular engage on Reddit more than other social platforms, turning to the website for guided selling content and to consult with other watch buyers across the popular /r/watches subreddit, which boasts over 590,000 members.

61% of user conversations are about brand guides and product recommendations, while 29% are reviews, signaling the consumer desire for in-depth product education around timepieces according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. Seiko and Rolex clock in with the highest share of mentions on the subreddit, and Reddit referrals accounted for about a quarter of incoming social media site traffic for both brands. Mentions of Rolex on the /r/watches subreddit focus on comparing product types and discussing product details and price. Notably, Rolex carries this type of information over to Instagram by including the product model, watch dial and bracelet details in Instagram post captions.

Brands should take note of the types of content consumers seek out and engage with on Reddit, as well as the role the platform plays in the product research journey. Leaders provide research-driven content across digital properties, such as owned sites and owned Instagram handles.