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The Root of Success on Amazon

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Mar 25, 2019

As the Amazon ecosystem grows, the platform’s hair care category offers brands more opportunities, but it remains a fragmented market with few clear cut winners. Here’s what brands impatient for growth can learn from one hair care hero.

Maple Holistics secured the top placement in all measured hair subcategories during Q4 2018, as observed in Gartner L2’s recent report on the topic. The brand, which uses Amazon as its primary channel of distribution and focuses the majority of its media spend on the platform, is considered an Amazon native. By fine-tuning a platform-specific strategy for its Tea Tree line (already a best-seller for the brand) and optimizing product titles specifically for Amazon’s search algorithm to ensure visibility against searches for “tea tree,”  Maple Holistics was able to stand out in a tangle of brands clamoring for the tea tree trend of that time.

After cementing visibility for its Tea Tree collection, the cruelty-free label dove headfirst into expanding its product assortment and demonstrated that sustainable success starts at the roots. In this case, products with lengthy titles rich with ingredient information can boost relevancy on high-volume searches related to ingredient inclusionary and exclusionary terms. For example, Maple Holistics’ current best-selling product, Biotin Shampoo, has 338 words in its product description and 35 words in the title and lists key ingredients like zinc.

In contrast, other Amazon-native brands average 89 words in product descriptions and 14 words in titles, while enterprise brands average 76 words in descriptions and 12 words in titles. This tactic contributes to Maple Holistics’ leading organic search visibility against non-branded hair care terms.

Brands looking to cut to the chase when it comes to success on Amazon should leverage similar tactics. By following Maple Holistic’s tips for growth, brands can shave off the time it takes to turn heads on e-tail’s biggest platform.

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