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The Short, the Sweet, and the Savory

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 17, 2019

Dunkin’—formerly Dunkin’ Donuts—is rolling into the new year with a new identity. The pastry purveyor officially lopped off “Donuts” from its label as part of a previously announced decision to reinvent itself. Here’s what the new short and sweet name might mean for the brand and its followers.

The idea of a name tweak makes sense. More and more, consumers are searching for unbranded search terms, like “restaurants near me” via Yelp, instead of branded search terms including “dunkin’ donuts”, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants. Paired with the 27-point dunk the brand took in last year’s ranking, this might have helped lead to the new name.

The question is, how will the revamp be received? With Gen Zers more likely to visit fast food joints than ever and millennials continuing to crave coffee, results might have more to do with age than appetite. Though the name has been abridged, the menu is expanding. Dunkin’ is introducing a few new products to tout a more well-rounded appeal, including savory items such as Power Breakfast Sandwich and quick coffees like the Energy Cold Brew. The brand is also bringing a few old favorites back, such as the Brown Sugar Chipotle Bacon Breakfast Sandwich and the Caramel Chocoholic Donut. This is a smart move, as it might provide a frosted lining for those fans who are already lamenting the loss of their beloved Dunkin’ Donuts, as it once was.

To drum up awareness, Dunkin’ is also serving up a selection of digestible videos on Twitter (a hotspot for many of its younger fans) all about how to celebrate the new name. Suggestions include knitting a Dunkin’ sweater or the latest trend in restaurant marketing, getting a Dunkin’ hairdo.