Daily Insights

The Show Must Go On

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 20, 2020

Musical artists can perform their greatest hits through a new YouTube concert series. 

Budweiser is teaming up with YouTube to create “Budweiser Rewind”, a live music show where popular artists will perform and share stories with fans. The interactive series lets fans curate the setlist and submit questions to be answered by artists each week. The show is a digital recreation of the Budweiser Superfest—a 30-year-long music festival that ended in 2010—that reimagines live music streaming. Budweiser will take to Instagram and Twitter every week to announce the musical guest and select fan questions, with concerts taking place each Saturday. Cross-pollinating the event promotion on YouTube and social media could help the brand grow its audience reach, according to a Gartner report. The series kicked off on May 16 with the Black Eyed Peas performing in Los Angeles. 

With music festivals and tours canceled in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, brand sponsors are reinventing concert experiences for fans to enjoy from home. Consumers are leaning into nostalgia during quarantine—as witnessed by the sales of puzzles and tie-dye fashion—which Budweiser can tap into by recreating its most popular music event. Beyond Budweiser Rewind, the brand is using retro advertising to reach consumers. Budweiser transformed its well-known “Whassup” commercial from the 1990’s to remind fans to support those in need during the crisis. Similarly, sister brand Bud Light took clips from its popular 1998 “Genius” campaign to create ads focused on social distancing. Leaning into the warm feelings for the past could rejuvenate consumer loyalty as the brand revives its most popular marketing initiatives. 

While the Coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on traditional summer concerts, Budweiser is inviting fans to enjoy a cold beer and live music from the safety of their own homes. Re-envisioning live music for a new age could help the brand begin a new tradition that could last for another 30 years.