Daily Insights

The Sounds of Sleep

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 20, 2020

Bose is once again helping customers get uninterrupted sleep with the release of Sleepbuds II. 

Sleepbuds II succeeds the original Sleepbuds, which were discontinued in late 2019 due to battery problems. A little over a year later, Bose is back with a new and improved version that goes on sale this month. The Sleepbuds II are designed to mask sound to help customers sleep and as such, the new version includes 14 tracks to cover common noises like footsteps, snoring partners, or idling car engines outside one’s window. For those that need a little more peace, Bose also included 15 “naturescapes” that mimic calming sounds from the outdoors. Sleepbuds II are designed to mold to the wearer’s ear, further helping block outside noise, avoid friction against fabric, and allow side-sleepers to slumber in solitude with a headphone in their ear. Bose announced the new headphones on Instagram and Twitter with its branded hashtag #Sleepbuds to build anticipation for the launch. 

Many had trouble sleeping even before the onset of a global pandemic. However, as stress levels continue to rise and sleep hours fall during the crisis, Bose’s Sleepbuds II could prove the needed escape to catch some shuteye. Like the original model, Sleepbuds II includes all its own sounds, meaning users cannot stream their own music through the headphones. However, Bose will continually update its track list to give users a plethora of options for what to hear as they drift off to sleep. After listening to customer feedback, Bose also improved the battery life of the new headphones, which last for 10 hours when fully charged. The Sleepbuds II includes a revamped charging case which lasts for 30 hours and could be ideal for travelers, once long-distance travel picks up again. By listening to consumer demand for the particulars of its new headphones, Bose could boost loyalty with its customers and add value to their purchase experiences, according to a Gartner report. 

Bose could tap into the loyal following it had established around the original Sleepbuds as it rolls out the remodeled version. By marketing a niche product like the Sleepbuds II, Bose could connect with a defined, but engaged audience and set itself apart in the consumer electronics industry.