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The State of the Office Supply Industry

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 26, 2021

If there’s no need for offices anymore, is there a need for office supplies?

As the Coronavirus vaccine rolls out, Staples prepares for the return of the office environment. Whether that office is at home or not, the company still believes consumers need supplies. Despite fostering strong customer connections, many brands like Staples found it difficult to keep up the level of pre-pandemic business without their usual traffic, like consumers who might visit a store to test a pen in their hand or feel the weight of a notebook.

As such, Staples has been repositioning its brand on a digital scale by improving its site and offering perks like free shipping. Even item sizes were tweaked to fit the new consumer, since many needed much smaller quantities of supplies including pens and notebooks. Indeed, where once consumers may have held on to pen and post-it stashes hidden away at the office, now the need to be frugal and and efficient weighs more.

That said, the office supply store skipped seven spots up in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box so it’s possible that work-from-home-ers relied on stores like Staples even more as home projects, artist attempts, and DIY activities saw a surge in popularity during the pandemic.

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