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The Taste of Tesla

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 03, 2020

Tesla hits the gas on a new project that focuses less on automation and more on alcohol. 

Tesla Tequila is the newest venture from the eco-friendly automaker that sees a bottle of liquor sell for $250. The tequila is held in a lightning shaped bottle and is produced by Southern California manufacturer, Nosotros Tequila. The beverage is a side project that has been in the works at Tesla for the past few years, but its launch on November 5 was the first time consumers had a chance to get their hands on a bottle. Tesla Tequila is sold on Tesla’s website for U.S. consumers only, with a limit of two bottles per customer put in place. Within hours of its launch, however, Tesla Tequila sold out. The rapid demand demonstrates how popular Tesla has become as a lifestyle brand, moving far beyond its vehicles to engage consumers. As this year was the first time Tesla Tequila hit the market, consumers can expect a restock in the near future, though bottles may remain limited-edition to further boost an image of prestige around the product.

When Tesla Tequila first came into the realm of being in 2018, it was teased on Twitter by founder Elon Musk. Back then it was called, “Teslaquila”, and though the name changed, Musk continued to promote the new venture via Twitter. Notably, however, the Tesla brand is not promoting Tesla Tequila itself, aside from making it available on its website. Despite the lack of official marketing initiatives from Tesla, the tequila’s presence is still being made known thanks to loyal fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This shows that Tesla could rely on word of mouth and organic traction to launch a successful product, rather than the traditional route of rolling out expensive and time consuming initiatives to spread the word. As Tesla has never been a brand to fit the status quo, the under-the-radar approach is not entirely surprising, and could inspire other brands to quietly venture outside of their industries, too. As online spirit sales surge during the Coronavirus pandemic, now could prove a prime time for brands to join Tesla in the alcohol industry according to a Gartner report.  

An auto brand launching an alcohol label may be atypical, but given Tesla’s cult following, could prove successful. As consumer interest in branded merchandise continues to grow, Tesla Tequila could be the starting point for a future of Tesla-trademarked lifestyle products.