Daily Insights

The Taste of Travel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 11, 2020

Like many consumers, Corona has had a tough year. However, the beer brand is determined to end 2020 on a positive note and plans to do so through its new travel series, Free Range Humans

The eight-part digital series spotlights a handful of people who left their white-collar jobs to chase an outdoor adventure instead. The series focuses on the theme of travel-related escapism and aims to show homebound consumers that safe adventure awaits. In each episode, Corona highlights the “Corona lifestyle”, which is how it describes the embrace of an outdoor, tranquil way of life, and encourages viewers to reach that level of bliss. Launching the short series during the pandemic could help Corona reach a wider audience of wanderlusters who aspire to live a carefree, travel-filled life. The series could also stir the imagination of homebound consumers by helping them create their own adventure and keep the Corona brand top of mind. 

Free Range Humans is an in-house production created by Corona Studios, which will promote each new episode on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The episodes are 6-10 minutes long and available on YouTube, where Corona included links for viewers looking for more adventure information. The show is the first, large-scale entertainment venture for Corona, but sets the stage for future features already in the works, including “passion point verticals” about surfing, wellness, sustainability, and creative arts. The beer brand is currently promoting its initial show on social media using the hashtag #FreeRangeHumans and #ThisIsLiving to build buzz, which users can also use to show off their own “Corona lifestyle”. 

Corona’s social media series shows its dedication to engaging consumers through videos they find meaningful. With more options than ever for consumer entertainment, creating content that will resonate and prove relevant could help Corona stand apart from other entertainment and beverage competitors. With video streaming increasing this year according to a Gartner report, releasing a limited-edition series could also prime Corona for engagement and help it grow a loyal audience that will be more likely to tune into its future productions. 

As the winter months coincide with the ongoing pandemic and consumers remain stuck inside, Corona’s new push could create a much-needed escape. By tying its image to adventure and outdoor travel, Corona taps into consumer wanderlust and brews up an updated image as a lifestyle brand.