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The Top 10 Home Care Brands in Digital

By: Irene Yoon | Apr 29, 2020

Legacy brands continue to rule the Home Care sector, but enterprise backing alone is not adequate unless it lends to scaled wins and efficiencies. Successful enterprises effectively templatize site design for a consistent cross-portfolio experience, while their power brands seamlessly integrate social media on the path to purchase and align content strategy to search trends. Brands, however, cannot be complacent in a category where consumer searches grow more nuanced. These are the top 10 fast-growing brands responding to emerging trends according to Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care.

1. Clorox
Digital IQ: 145

This year’s Index leader excels in nonbranded SEO and SEM with robust search-optimized how-to content on site and achieves an 89% lift in average monthly visitors. Clorox drives engagement on Facebook and YouTube, with success largely from the “ONE Wipe Challenge!” Campaign on YouTube featuring TikTok influencers. Moreover, the brand garners over 85% organic visibility against bleach terms across e-tailers and drives seamless e-commerce handoff with third-party carts on its site and multiple e-tailer links from PDPs.

2. Tide
Digital IQ: 140

Tide touts rich guided selling content with step-by-step tutorials for numerous use cases and extensive customer support including a mobile-optimized store locator and live chat. Strong nonbranded SEO, with the highest organic visibility for “laundry detergent pods” in the Index; and the highest mobile display impressions in laundry care. The brand is a strong performer on Facebook, with high engagement from its #LaundryNight campaign featuring various celebrities and collaboration with television show The Voice. Finally, Tide achieves a top 10 spot across e-tailers due to high ownership of SERPs (37% to 81%) and over 94% organic visibility against laundry pod keyword searches on etailers.

3. Yankee Candle
Digital IQ: 136

A leader in “candles & wax” nonbranded keyword searches on Google while also defending branded terms, Yankee Candle garners over 80% organic visibility across both desktop and mobile searches. The brand uses Instagram to promote new products and sweepstakes and earns 9.5 times interactions per post versus the Index average, helping it grow followers on the platform by 21% year over year. The highest DTC site e-commerce score with best-in-class check-out features including expedited payment options, autocomplete fields, and cross-selling from cart. 

4. Charmin
Digital IQ: 132

An Index leader in mobile web advertising, Charmin boasts an 11.5% share of impressions versus the Index average of 2.2%. The brand leans on Facebook advertising, especially in support of the launch of the Charmin Forever Roll, with a 29% increase in estimated ad impressions year over year. It also leads toilet paper brands in Walmart performance due to strong merchandising efforts on the platform that incorporate multiple product images and video content.

5. Downy
Digital IQ: 131

Downy earns a top spot in this year’s Index in part due to best-in-class PDPs with sort and filter capabilities for ratings and reviews, video tutorials, and seamless e-tailer handoff. It leads the laundry care category on Google search with the highest organic and text ad visibility against scent booster and fabric softener keyword searches. The brand also shines on Twitter, achieving three times the average interactions per tweet. Lastly, Downy also wins organically in search by optimizing for fabric softener terms to achieve the second-highest Amazon score.

6. Arm & Hammer
Digital IQ: 128

Arm & Hammer boasts a comprehensive PDP on Walmart and Amazon that includes extended content, best use cases, and multiple product images. It garnered over a 20% increase in year over year desktop and mobile site traffic driven in-part by improvements in guided-selling features such as laundry-specific how-to videos. The home care label is also an Index leader in desktop video ads with a 14% share of total impressions. 

7. Miracle-Gro
Digital IQ: 127

Miracle-Gro’s site features a dedicated educational content hub and the ability to sort and filter user ratings and reviews helping the brand see a 56% increase in desktop and mobile traffic year over year. High shopping ad visibility on desktop and mobile (>34%) against soil and amendment queries also helped enrich the brand’s status. Lastly, Miracle-Gro is a lawn care category leader on Instagram with high post volume featuring artful lifestyle shots and garden imagery, and achieves 58% growth in audience year over year.

8. Scotts
Digital IQ: 125

Scotts’ robust site PDP features cross-selling and user ratings and reviews. The brand tops the Index in desktop and mobile nonbranded search visibility, appearing against 96% of grass seed keyword searches. Additionally, it leads lawn care brands on Amazon by optimizing for grass seed terms and further supports with a 66% share of headline ads, the highest in the Index. 

9. Febreze
Digital IQ: 124

Strong customer service and store locator features on site including site-specific user account and geolocation enabled store locator aid in Febreze’s spot in the index. Additionally, the brand boasts the second-best desktop branded SEO performance in the Index, achieving 97% search visibility against own branded terms. As such, it leads the air freshener category in organic search visibility on Target, garnering 79% visibility.

10. Glad
Digital IQ: 124

An Index leader in Facebook Advertising and the second-best player in mobile display advertising, Glad utilizes bright video and GIF creatives featuring product uses on both platforms that drive to the brand site for brand awareness as well as to e-tailer partners to support conversion. The brand is also a strong performer on Target with the highest organic and sponsored visibility (85.1% and 95%) in the trash bags category.