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The Unboxing Phenomenon

By: Aadvik Jetley | Mar 11, 2019

Innovator brands are picking their own battles.

While two-thirds of the brands in Gartner L2’s Activewear Post-Purchase report offer shipping, only 38% of innovators offer the fulfillment option. Instead, these brands take advantage of the white space surrounding exciting unboxing experiences, doubling down on surprise and delight tactics.

Over half of these innovator brands utilize include custom interior packaging, and a fifth provide free samples, gifts, and coupons. Disruptor Outdoor Voices offers a great example for activewear brands to follow. Packaging includes multiple branded materials, a thank-you note requesting user generated Instagram content and — depending on order size — a free tote bag. In addition, Outdoor Voices issues an instant refund code for returns, offering customers store credit for immediate exchanges while the return is processed.

These innovators put pressure on activewear brands to examine differentiated unboxing and frictionless returns and exchanges. The uptick in product unboxing channels like ‘Unbox Therapy’, ‘Sole Collector’ and ‘Jacques Slade’ on YouTube suggest that more and more millennials are coming to expect a unique and exciting product unboxing experience, and these strategies will eventually see a wider adoption within the sector.

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