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The World’s Most Interesting Cooler

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 01, 2020

Dos Equis just divulged its secret to social distancing: an extra-long cooler to help friends and family hang out and drink beer together from a safe distance. The new “Seis-Foot Cooler” is six feet long, holds 12 beers, and comes attached with a suitably lengthy handle. Dos Equis created the cooler to mark an unusual summer, as many states begin to reopen with social distancing top of mind. While many consumers may be wary of returning to bars and restaurants to enjoy a beer this summer, the brand’s cooler could provide a safe solution. 

As a limited-edition item, Dos Equis’ “Seis-Foot Cooler” could be highly coveted with fans. To brew up excitement with the at-home fanbase, Dos Equis created an online promotion to help some of them snag a cooler. On June 26, customers who bought a case of Dos Equis and uploaded their receipt to the brand’s campaign microsite could “claim” a cooler while supplies lasted. The brand encouraged fans to act quickly and stressed that supplies were very limited. Fans followed through and the coolers sold out in three minutes. Those who were late to the cooler-claiming party were still in luck as Dos Equis gave out $5 coupons and free beer delivery for orders placed with alcohol courier partner Drizly.

Dos Equis turned to Twitter and Instagram to promote its new, pandemic-appropriate cooler. Using the hashtag #SeisFootCooler, the beer brand shared video teasers of the cooler and encouraged fans to “make social distancing more interesting”. Promoting the cooler on social media could effectively maintain the brand’s social media presence while quickly increasing its number of audience interactions, according to a Gartner report.  By encouraging low-risk hangouts that remind fans to stay safe during the pandemic, Dos Equis could connect through social media with customers looking for clever and eye-catching ways to celebrate the summer season amidst a pandemic. 

Drinking with friends and social distancing are not a likely pair, but Dos Equis’ new cooler could have fans thinking differently. By creating a limited-edition item that adds a fun twist to bleak pandemic circumstances, Dos Equis could attract new fans thirsty for fun and strengthen its digital community of social distancing drinkers.