Daily Insights

Theraflu’s Best Shot

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 19, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in demand for personal care products, according to a Gartner report, but a new demand is on the horizon as the ongoing crisis merges with flu season. To help consumers prepare, Theraflu launched its #FightingFluTogether campaign to raise awareness specifically within Black and Latinx communities, as both viruses disproportionately impact them. The campaign kicks off at the tail end of Hispanic Heritage Month, which Theraflu pays additional homage to through its new, small business promotions. The brand has partnered with several small businesses around the U.S. to create “sick kits”, which include Theraflu products and limited-edition items from its small business partners. The sick kits are woven into Theraflu’s new social media promotion, where a small group of influencers will gift the kits to their followers to build buzz around the new campaign. Consumers can browse Theraflu’s campaign microsite to learn more about the campaign and sick kits, as well as use its VaccineFinder to search for nearby flu shot providers. 

With doctors predicting a joint surge in Coronavirus and flu cases this winter, Theraflu’s campaign could spur an increase in flu shots and encourage consumers to take extra health and safety precautions. To spread the word about its #FightingFluTogether campaign, Theraflu is asking social media users to post a selfie on Twitter after receiving their flu shot. Posters should include a Theraflu-branded GIPHY as well as the #FightingFluTogether hashtag and brand tag in their captions. Theraflu’s influencer team will also take to Twitter to encourage followers to get their flu shots. By appealing to underserved communities and using diverse influencers, Theraflu could reach a younger audience of consumers. The campaign could particularly resonate with Gen Z audiences, as they are the most ethnically diverse group in America, favor brands that raise awareness about social inequalities, and spend more time on social media than other generations. 

Theraflu’s cause-driven campaign could drive more consumers to purchase its products, follow its social media channels, and get their flu shot. As health and wellness stay at the forefront of consumer minds, Theraflu could help them stay healthy and boost brand loyalty.