Daily Insights

Think Outside the Box

By: Karen Lee | Aug 12, 2019

Videos can be used to elevate information in a visual manner, especially on brand sites. While most on-site videos are centered on product pages or video hubs, forward-thinking brands integrate video assets elsewhere on their sites. 

When it comes to utilizing video’s graphic storytelling advantages to add color to less conventional pages, three brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic stand out. For instance, British fast-fashion brand ASOS employs a quick one-minute primer on its privacy page. The simple, text-based video summarizes the basics of its policy, catering to privacy-sensitive users who do not have the patience to read the entire policy. 

Nintendo, on the other hand, opts to use a video explaining the structure of its rewards program. Located prominently at the top of the page, the short and graphics-heavy video pitches the program benefits to curious consumers. 

Lastly, Adidas engages its sneakerhead following by providing not just product videos, but informational content like step-by-step video tutorials on how to clean certain types of shoes. Placed under its customer support section in the footer of its homepage, the activewear brand deviates from the norm of using video tutorials to highlight product details.

While it is essential for brands to incorporate videos onto their product and grid pages, placing them on other, less standard pages can brighten a brand site.

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