Daily Insights

ThirdLove Gets Intimate

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 01, 2021

As the coronavirus continues to shapeshift and consumers experience pandemic deja vu into 2021, brands of all backgrounds attempt to master the online shopping experience. ThirdLove takes the plunge with a revamped version of its signature bra fit quiz, The Fitting Room

The eight-year-old intimates brand replaced its Fit Finder quiz with The Fitting Room last week, but ensured it made the most of the data it collected via the former to curate the new iteration. Users can take the quiz, which asks questions like whether they’ve had a baby recently and features tips based on user answers that mimic an in-person experience of years past. Fit Stylists are available via chat and answers can be changed at any time to reflect the assortment of personalized products provided to users along the path to purchase.

Among the many things the pandemic has taken from the world, in-person experiences are some of the most missed. That said, it makes sense that ThirdLove would name its new feature “The Fitting Room”, which evokes more of a sense of experience than the word “quiz” does. Additionally, despite an influx of customization mania in the digital world, bots and lengthy FAQ pages have removed a personal touch. By spending time coming up with clever copy that evokes a sense of closeness as well, ThirdLove may be able to bridge this gap. 

Still, the path to digital perfection won’t be easy for ThirdLove as there are several competitors, new and old in the way. Aerie, for example, surged 31 points in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail and is looking to double sales as shoppers ditch older names like Victoria’s Secret.