Daily Insights

Thirst for Tranquility

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 22, 2020

PepsiCo’s newest beverage, Driftwell, could help consumers de-stress and unwind with each sip. 

Driftwell is Pepsi’s new non-carbonated water that’s sugar free, calorie free, and caffeine free. The drink contains magnesium and L-theanine, which can be used to treat stress and promote relaxation, as well as hints of lavender and blackberry for taste. Unlike its carbonated counterparts, Driftwell could help consumers unwind, which it reminds them of through its tagline “Sip Into Relaxation”. Driftwell was designed in-house by Pepsi and was set to hit shelves this year even before the Coronavirus pandemic hit. However, with consumer stress levels at all-time highs during the health crisis, Driftwell could now be even more appealing to beverage buyers. The calming canned drink will be for sale online in December and will hit store shelves in early 2021. 

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, 55% of Americans reported feeling highly stressed throughout the day. Now, as the Coronavirus pandemic merges with election anxiety, that percentage has steadily increased. These circumstances could leave an opening in the functional food and beverage market for Pepsi’s newest drink. By promoting Driftwell as a beverage that tastes good and does good, Pepsi could appeal to the rising demand for healthful drinks according to a Gartner report. Diversifying its product line and highlighting  beneficial ingredients could help Pepsi engage consumers through issues they care about, like relieving stress and consuming healthy products. As the beverage is not yet on the market, PepsiCo is holding off on social media promotions and instead focusing on its other initiatives, such as its recently launched NFL tailgate campaign and its Cheetos Mac N’ Cheese. Driftwell marks the latest beverage addition to Pepsi’s portfolio, following the launch of Pineapple Pepsi and Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar earlier this year.  

Though Pepsi beverages traditionally give energy boosts, its newest drink helps consumers rest and relax. With Driftwell, Pepsi can continue to innovate its offerings while connecting with consumers looking to unwind during a stressful year.