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This Candy Brand Has Seen Sweeter Days

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 28, 2019

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking, says Dove Chocolate. With the help of a new digital campaign, the company is pushing chocolate goodies as gifts in an effort to win nostalgic hearts this holiday. Could Dove’s latest initiative help chip away at the brand’s bitter digital performance as of late?

Dove Chocolate has certainly seen sweeter days, as its low digital performance in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food indicates. That said, putting out a two-pronged campaign that has both a visual and social aspect to it could help freshen up the brand’s image. One of the campaign ads features the bold and modern woman who waits for no one to bring her tokens of love on Valentine’s Day, instead opting to buy a bear and chocolate for herself with the voiceover, “Every time a woman buys her own chocolate on Valentine’s Day, she sets a teddy bear free to follow its heart.” This concept is then followed by a matching made-for-Twitter hashtag, #SetTeddyFree.

Still, the brand should also pay a bit of attention to Instagram, where it currently holds the worst performance among indulgent treat makers. In fact, Dove generates eighteen times fewer interactions than the average chocolate brand observed in Gartner L2’s study. Given its penchant for seasonal packaging and flavors, serving up sweet snaps on Instagram might do Dove some good. Halo Top, for example, maintains outsize engagement on the platform, controlling 17% share of interactions with all food brands observed in the study. The ice cream brand achieves this by focusing almost exclusively on images of its product packaging—96% of its Instagram posts prominently feature its distinctive pints.

Given its current digital state, a catchy social campaign is a solid start for Dove Chocolate. However, it should consider topping up the campaign with a more visual aspect on Instagram, where it can not only catch eyes, but also mix in user-generated content from the upcoming holiday hype.