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TikTok Influencers Turn Up the Heat

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 04, 2020

In between creating viral videos and worrying about their platform being banned, TikTok influencers have worked up an appetite. YouTube is now stepping in to give them a break from their usual content to cook up a new competition. 

Dish This is a new YouTube cooking show from media brand AwesomenessTV that asks popular TikTok influencers to roll up their sleeves in a cooking showdown. The six-episode series will be hosted by chef Joey Skladany, who will assign recipes from his new cookbook, Basic Bitchen, as the fodder for each challenge. To fire up the competition even more, contestants will have to craft their dish based solely on a picture—no ingredient list included—and complete “mini challenges” throughout the show to win advantages. The influencers-turned-chefs for the show include Brittany Broski, who has 134 million TikTok followers, and Noah Beck, who boasts nearly 10 million app followers. Though each influencer included in Dish This got started on TikTok, they all now have followings across social media, which could help AwesomenessTV expand its audience reach for the new series, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

AwesomenessTV is serving up Dish This on August 4, the same day Skladany’s new cookbook dropped. The media channel is known for its influencer-starring videos on YouTube and social media, but Dish This will be one of its largest TikTok influencer-spotlighting initiatives. Though the series can only be found on the brand’s YouTube channel, it could promote the show to its followers on Instagram and Twitter, as well. For additional promotion, each influencer involved may post snippets on their TikTok accounts, which could drive loyal fans to YouTube. Given AwesomenessTV’s branding as a Gen-Z focused entertainment company, it makes sense that it would pair up with influencers popular amongst TikTok’s young audience to boost viewer engagement for its newest show. Having the show hosted on YouTube, rather than TikTok, could also allow the video platform to benefit from an increase in viewership and sustain its place as the most popular social networking platform among Gen-Z. 

Dish This blends food content with influencers in a move that could leave fans hungry for more. While AwesomenessTV is providing the platform for the show, Dish This could turn up the heat on audience engagement for both YouTube and TikTok, allowing both services to continue growing their Gen-Z followings.