Daily Insights

TikTok Talks Time

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 05, 2021

As the new year begins, social media platforms give users a chance to revisit the last twelve months. While Spotify boasts “2020 Wrapped” and Instagram praises a user’s “Top 9”, TikTok is now getting in on the fun with its personalized “Year on TikTok” feature. 

TikTok created a year in review tool that allows users to look back at some of their favorite trends and insights from 2020. The video features are personalized to each user and inform them of data such as how often they shared TikTok videos, which songs or trends they engaged with most, and what videos themes they are primarily drawn towards. The video themes, or “vibes” as named by TikTok, include any viral trends that emerged on the platform last year, including “Cottagecore” videos or certain dance trends. “Year on TikTok” is designed to be viewed like a traditional TikTok video, with users able to scroll down to see each new set of information and share the video to their own profile. The highlight reel allows TikTok to re-engage with active users and maintain engagement into 2021.

While Year on TikTok allows the social media platform to pay homage to its 850 million global users, the campaign is also a chance to grow recognition for all of the trends, influencers, and music it has spurred. As such, TikTok included slides where users can view the top creators, songs, and videos of the year, which could lead to viewers spending more time on the app as they revisit certain trends. The retrospective features of Year on TikTok could also prove a prime marketing mechanism according to a Gartner report, as users typically react positively to social media platform’s “end of year” initiatives. TikTok also created the #YearOnTikTok hashtag which has been viewed more than 14 billion times as it allows users to engage and rehash together. The community-building campaign could keep TikTok top of mind in a positive light, which is much needed after its turbulent trials with the U.S. government. As an all-out ban now appears far-fetched, TikTok can take this opportunity to boost engagement and loyalty throughout the new year. 

With its year in review feature, TikTok can level itself against long-standing social media platforms, showing how popular the platform has become recently. The feature could also become an annual tradition for TikTok, allowing it to set the stage for a series of future engagement opportunities.