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TikTok’s Trendy Treats

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 05, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic helped skyrocket TikTok’s popularity for everything from food recipes to viral dances. Thanks to a collaboration with Postmates, some TikTok users can now taste test many of the trendy treats. 

TikTok users in Los Angeles have the chance to try-out “TikTok Treats” via Postmates, which partnered with several local restaurants to create the sweet snacks. Each food item is an homage to a treat that has gone viral on TikTok this year, including the popular “whipped coffee”, “pancake cereal”, and “cloud bread”—all of which have been featured in videos viewed more than one billion times. Postmates users can order the trendy treats for delivery via its app, which will spotlight the local businesses involved and what treats they are offering. While many TikTok videos show users making the foods at home, promoting the foods from restaurants allows Postmates and TikTok to market local businesses that may be struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic. The push also allows Postmates to build off of TikTok’s viral trends, while highlighting how culturally significant the social app has become, notably for its power to produce the “latest thing”, whether it be food, music, or fashion.

Combining TikTok’s audience reach with the rising popularity of delivery apps could help the “TikTok Treats” campaign appeal to a plethora of consumers. The campaign also allows Postmates to build off the digital demand for recipe content during the pandemic, as seen through surging search rates on Pinterest and Facebook. Working with TikTok in particular, however, could help Postmates captivate some of the platform’s 50 million daily users, as more than half credit the app with discovering new, trendy content. Additionally, by aligning its promotion with TikTok, Postmates could tap into existing consumer trends to build relevance with younger social media audiences, according to a Gartner report on the topic. For TikTok, the treats promotion could boost its image as a supporter of local businesses and user well-being. Given the app is still under threat of a ban in the United States, building a reputation as a valuable, socially significant platform could help TikTok increase support from both users and brand partners. 

By treating fans to trendy snacks from TikTok, Postmates could boost its own app usage and promote local businesses in need. The campaign also allows TikTok to double down on its “trendsetter” image, which could help bolster its presence as a meaningful social media platform and set the stage for future food partnerships.