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Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands in Digital

By: Grace Bentley | Aug 13, 2019

Strong ­­­social performance paired with impressive mobile tactics helped propel these brands to the front of the Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics US. These brands also exhibited impressive omnichannel and content strategies, setting an example for less sophisticated brands to follow.

1. Samsung
Digital IQ: 145

Strong investments in Google Shopping ads against nonbranded keywords is one tactic that helped Samsung retain its top-ranking position for the second year in a row. The brand received a lot of buzz surrounding unboxing videos on YouTube and is one of the only tracked brands with a shopping app. Samsung also captured a large share of display advertising impressions, serving the most desktop display ads and the second-most mobile display impressions out of all analyzed brands.

2. Apple
Digital IQ: 141

Apple is a perennial leader when it comes to its aesthetics, content, and omnichannel capabilities. Its strong performance on YouTube also helped it retain the second spot in this year’s ranking. To top it off, the smartphone giant had the most video views on YouTube and heavily invested in video ads.

3. Bose
Digital IQ: 140

Bose achieved its Genius classification this year in part due to its new omnichannel capabilities. The brand has doubled down on its efforts to drive to store, with automatic geolocation, a detailed store locator and messaging across its site about the benefits of visiting stores. In the digital marketing realm, Bose boasts high visibility in the digital audio category on both Google search and retailer platforms, with a particularly strong showing on Amazon.

4. Nintendo
Digital IQ:  134

Nintendo was the only gaming brand to see year-over-year site traffic growth, placing it in the top 10 in terms of total traffic. The brand utilized user-generated content from its fervent fanbase to achieve a top five score on each social channel. On YouTube, Nintendo leveraged extensive video collateral to capture the second most video views in the Index.

5. Nikon
Digital IQ 131

Nikon’s aesthetic appeal earned the brand the highest engagement when mentioned by influencers on Instagram. Additionally, Nikon successfully defends crucial branded real estate on Google search, helping to ward off competition. The brand also touts sophisticated product pages, allowing users to compare product models and filter ratings and reviews by author attribute.

6. Xbox
Digital IQ: 130

In a world where content is important to the customer experience, Xbox stands out. Its site community page and branded blog, Xbox Wire, features new games and links to corresponding product pages, streamlining the path to purchase. By repurposing content across platforms, Xbox drives outsized engagement across social channels.

7. Canon
Digital IQ: 129

Canon leverages its success on social platforms on its site, dedicating an entire section to user-generated content on its homepage. The reel features content housed under the hashtag #MyCanonStory and highlights user-taken photos along with the Canon products used. 

7. Dell
Digital IQ: 129

Dell’s large selection of products and its well balanced organic and paid strategy on Amazon helped it achieve top visibility against nonbranded computer and mobile keywords on the platform. In addition to a strong retailer presence, the brand also offers a robust site experience with comparison tools, product videos and suggested product carousels. Shoppers can easily sift through user ratings with advanced filters and sorting options or get an overview via the syndicated ratings snapshot feature. 

7. Sony
Digital IQ: 129

Sony’s strong performance on retailer sites helped the brand remain in the top ten this year. On top of strong keyword search visibility, Sony uses store-within-a-store real estate on e-tailer sites to help carve out exclusive space on otherwise crowded and competitive platforms. 

10. HP
Digital IQ: 128

HP claims the highest organic visibility for computer and mobile related keyword searches on both Walmart and Target, with strong performances on Amazon and Best Buy as well. The brand’s large product lineup and expansive digital footprint afford it strong web authority, aiding its organic search visibility.