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Top 10 EU Mobile Operators in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Apr 12, 2017

With the rise of a digital-first generation, the way consumers evaluate mobile plans has fundamentally changed. Millennials value rapid image upload speeds and video streaming quality and take for granted expansive geographic coverage of 4G, formerly a key selling point. To gain a competitive edge, mobile operators are beefing up their plans with auxiliary digital services in order to compete with over-the-top services like Netflix and WhatsApp. These brands are doing the most adept job at shaping their digital presence, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators Europe.

Top 10 mobile operators

1. Orange (France)
Digital IQ: 140

The sole Genius brand in the study, Orange leads the Index in number of impressions by promoting services and benefits over plans and devices. The brand also leads the way on social, with Facebook competitions driving organic engagement.

2. Vodafone (Italy)
Digital IQ: 139

Italy is the highest-ranked Vodafone region, offering a best-in-class mobile experience with e-commerce capabilities. The brand also maintains the leading iOS app for account management.

3. Vodafone (UK)
Digital IQ: 138

The strong site experience on desktop and mobile incorporates effective guided selling and e-commerce, and Vodafone UK also invests heavily in mobile advertising.

4. SFR (France)
Digital IQ: 137

Omnichannel investments differentiate SFR from peers. The brand site offers a best-in-class experience including robust customer service options and encourages click-and-collect as an alternative to free shipping.

5. Vodafone (Germany)
Digital IQ: 132

Vodafone’s German division outperforms peers on Instagram as well as mobile apps, and is further distinguished by excellent advertising performance on both mobile and desktop.

6. Vodafone (Spain)
Digital IQ: 130

Vodafone Spain’s innovative virtual shopping tool uses one-way video chat to replicate the in-store experience. Its site also boasts strong navigation and saved cart features.

7. O2 (UK)
Digital IQ: 128

O2’s best-in-class site demonstrates the brand’s heavy investment in guided selling and e-commerce. O2 also focuses on email, sending alerts to increase hype for new product launches and saved cart emails that remind customers what they have in their carts. The latter are then followed by a second email offering personalized live-chat service and providing checkout incentives like free delivery.

O2 emails

8. EE (UK)
Digital IQ: 123

EE earns the best overall search visibility in the UK in a highly competitive landscape. Strong upselling includes plan extras, promos, and incentives involving entertainment services, and the store locator feature incorporates street view.

9. Deutsche Telekom
Digital IQ: 122

One of few brands investing in video chat across desktop and mobile, Deutsche Telekom provides a clearly differentiated customer service offering. Its best-in-class performance on Instagram solidifies the brand’s grip on social.

10. Three (UK)
Digital IQ:121

Three’s best-in-class plan-finding tool helps customers zero in on device and plan options. The brand also leverages YouTube to provide phone reviews, promote the network, and offer tips and troubleshooting solutions.


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