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Top 10 European Retail Banks in Digital

By: Ross Cosner | Jul 24, 2019

Disruption from changing consumer expectations, agile challenger banks and constantly evolving regulations have forced established retail banks to rethink their customers’ financial needs or risk becoming obsolete. The top ten brands in the inaugural Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index: Retail Banking Europe deliver consistent multichannel experiences, with a focus in online origination, non-branded search and strong mobile websites.

  1. Commerzbank | Germany
    Digital IQ: 143

Retail banking has recently become  a cornerstone of Commerzbank’s business strategy, and it is reflected by the brand’s overall DIQ score. The brand is a technical talent, proven by the Google Lighthouse Audit scores for SEO, accessibility and user experience. Commerzbank is also a top performer in email marketing, sending an average of 1.5 personalized emails per day during the study. 

2. Barclays | UK
Digital IQ: 141

Barclays has invested heavily in online origination, besting all other Index brands with the top score in guided conversion. The brand features a best-in-class credit card eligibility checker that is available from product display pages and seamlessly sends prospects to an application page. In addition, high-touch customer service sees dynamic in-application live chat within bank account and mortgage applications.

3. Deutsche Bank | Germany
Digital IQ: 139

Consistently strong social performance earns Deutsche Bank the third position in the Index. The brand garnered the second most YouTube views in the Index and placed in the top 10 for Instagram interactions. Deutsche Bank is also the top performer in branded SEO, able to defend its own brand name in a highly competitive environment.

4. Nationwide Building Society | UK
Digital IQ: 138

Mobile is one of Nationwide Building Society’s fortes, scoring high across mobile apps, with a perfect 5-star average rating in the iOS App Store. The company’s strong digital marketing efforts that extend to mobile and high mobile site traffic helped establish the cooperative as the number two UK brand in the Index.

5. Sparkasse | Germany
Digital IQ: 137

Sparkasse, the German Savings Cooperative, boasts a best-in-class site experience for features such as customer service, branch locator, and bank account and credit card applications. Not only does the brand’s branch locator have all the expected features, but also it provides filters based on branch type, facilities and services provided, complete with pictures of the branch building.

6. HypoVereinsbank | Germany
Digital IQ: 133

HypoVereinsbank’s site adopts a mobile-first approach, evidenced by besting the rest of the Index in mobile site experience. The UniCredit-owned brand delivers all the mobile-optimized essentials; a homepage with swipeable rich media content, quick links to commonly accessed features, and easy to digest product pages that move prospects through the funnel to open new accounts.

7. Lloyds Bank | UK
Digital IQ: 131

Lloyds Bank secured a place in the top 10 for its robust digital marketing performance. Excelling in non-branded organic search, Lloyds Bank had outsized visibility on card (36%), lending (35%) and banking (26%) keywords.

8. AIB | Ireland
Digital IQ: 129

Anchored by high scores across mobile app, site speed and site experience, AIB reached the 95th percentile in the mobile dimension. The brand’s mobile app performed significantly better on Android than on iOS, with more than twice as many customer ratings.

8. Crédit Agricole | France
Digital IQ: 129

While many studied brands invest in paid social media without seeing any return in the form of engagement, on Facebook, Crédit Agricole achieved the highest percentage of promoted posts (65%), which paid off with the second-highest average interactions per post of 1,220.

10. Postbank | Germany
Digital IQ: 128

Postbank follows in the footsteps of its parent company, Deutsche Bank and ranks in the Gifted category. Postbank landed the highest score in desktop site traffic, which presents an opportunity to optimize their average desktop site experience for all of the traffic reaching their website.