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Top 10 European Retailers in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Dec 07, 2016

The U.K. has long been a leader in online grocery, but other European countries are catching up. France is the fastest-growing European market for fast-moving consumer goods, and a quarter of French consumers plan to make online grocery purchases over the next year, while Germany boasts a number of catalog businesses shifting to e-commerce along with a deep-seated discounting culture. These are the continent’s top retailers in terms of digital competence, according to L2’s debut Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe.

Top 10 Retailers in Europe

1. Fnac
Digital IQ: 147

This French Genius brand is the largest mobile ad publisher in the Index, placing more importance on mobile than desktop. Its Kobo e-book reader is one of the top five performing apps, consistently ranking near tenth in the “Books” category and competing with the Kindle app in France.

2. Media Markt (Germany)
Digital IQ: 142

The only German electronics retailer going head-to-head with Amazon on search, Media Markt boasts a well-designed mobile site that equally prioritizes shopping, store location, and directions. The brand is also the most prolific web advertiser in Germany on both desktop and mobile, with a focus on dynamic and video content that achieves maximum engagement.

3. El Corte Inglés
Digital IQ: 139

The highest-ranked brand in Spain, El Corte Inglés achieves its Gifted ranking with the best Instagram strategy in the country, in addition to impressive search visibility. The brand also invests consistently in omnichannel and fulfillment, a strategy missing from other Spanish retailers.

4. Argos
Digital IQ: 138

The brand offers identical experiences on its desktop and mobile site, as well as its app, making e-commerce seamless and user-friendly. Argos also maintains high search visibility for key product categories, putting the retailer in direct competition with Amazon.


4. Lidl (Germany)
Digital IQ: 138

While Lidl ranks Challenged or Feeble in most markets it operates in, that is not the case in France. The brand’s e-commerce experience there is leagues better than in other countries, across various categories – mimicking top French hypermarkets.

6. Darty
Digital IQ: 137

In France, Darty’s superior site competes with Genius brand Fnac when it comes to both search and product pages. Meanwhile, the brand boasts a sophisticated mobile site for key product areas.

6. Media Markt (Spain)
Digital IQ: 137

While Media Markt Spain lacks the scale of its German counterpart, the retailer performs well on search visibility and fulfillment, especially compared to other Spanish brands.

8. Tesco
Digital IQ: 136

Tesco’s sizeable investments in e-commerce pay off, as illustrated by the brand’s top-notch account and loyalty features. Additionally, Tesco takes advantage of Twitter to address customer service concerns – at larger scale than any other European retailer.

9. Carrefour
Digital IQ: 135

Omnichannel in France takes a different form than in the U.K., and online hypermarket Carrefour displays a particularly sophisticated showing. Boosted by recent site updates, the brand has improved performance across product categories.

10. Auchan
Digital IQ: 134

This best-in-class French hypermarket operates strong e-commerce and drive-through sites. As a result, shoppers are consistently driven to e-commerce-enabled properties.