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Top 10 FMCG Brands in France

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Jun 15, 2017

Despite representing just 5.3% of FMCG sales, e-commerce in France grew a staggering 54% in 2016, indicating that online sales represent a crucial opportunity for brands. However, few FMCG brands in France invest in online brand-building and promotion beyond traditional display ads. The top performers in L2’s Digital IQ Index: FMCG France scale up their digital investments to match the expertise of emerging online players, including eco brands and online pharmacies.

Top 10 FMCG brands

1. Pampers
Digital IQ: 161

Despite limited e-tailer handoffs, Pampers maintains top visibility across all e-tailers, including Amazon. The brand is second only to L’Oréal Paris in display advertising reach, and its easy-to-navigate mobile site has the second-fastest load time of all FMCG brands. 

2. L’Oréal Paris
Digital IQ: 159

The Index leader in display advertising and category leader in unbranded search, L’Oréal Paris advertises on four of the top 10 most visible domains for hair care search terms. The brand’s best-in-class social performance produces unmatched engagement across all platforms, even with average post promotion levels 
on Facebook.

3. Always
Digital IQ: 158

From a digital marketing standpoint, Always scores high marks, achieving the best performance in unbranded search for 
the feminine care category and the second-highest count of desktop impressions, earning over 450 million in the last six months. Always also boasts higher share of page on Amazon than any other Index brand.

4. Garnier
Digital IQ: 149

Unlike most Index brands, Garnier maintains an on-site store locator with geolocation that even provides driving directions to stores. The brand also has one of the best digital marketing strategies in the Index, combining a heavy investment in display advertising with 
a strong branded search performance.

Display advertising

5. Gillette
Digital IQ: 147

Gillette displays best-in-class performance on Amazon, with product pages that make full use of the site’s merchandising features and double the average brand’s visibility in unbranded search. On mobile, product pages are easily navigable and incorporate cross-selling features.

6. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 143

Oral-B leads the oral care category in unbranded search visibility. The brand’s prolific advertising campaign on Amazon drives customers to the brand store, and it appears on 95% of relevant category pages on the e-tailer.

7. Philips
Digital IQ: 139

The brand’s global YouTube account is one of few FMCG brand channels to achieve major search visibility. Additionally, Philips provides the best overall mobile experience across site, search, and advertising.

8. Nivea
Digital IQ: 133

Nivea’s strong site is supported by a best-in-class account experience. The brand also has a strong presence on Monoprix 
and Carrefour.

9. Signal
Digital IQ: 129

Signal is the smallest brand with DTC e-commerce and third-party handoffs, demonstrating the accessibility of this strategy. Cementing the link between content and commerce, Signal’s YouTube videos link to an e-boutique.

10. Braun
Digital IQ: 128

Braun garners strong first-page visibility on Amazon and Cdiscount, maintaining its top-of-mind spot for consumers. Additionally, its desktop site translates effectively to mobile.