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Top 10 Food Brands in Digital

By: Irene Yoon | Sep 03, 2019

Consumers’ food preferences, search behavior and paths to purchase are evolving. To compete against recipe sites and e-tailers, food brands must adapt and expand their product and recipe content. The top ten brands in this year’s Digital IQ Index: Food exemplify digital excellence in terms of engaging content optimized for top dietary and recipe trends, while few others seek partnerships to scale reach.

1. McCormick
Digital IQ: 144

McCormick tops the Index this year due to robust PDP content featuring links to recipes and strong performance on all four e-tailers. The brand is second-best in the Index on desktop and mobile nonbranded SEO on Google, powered by visibility against high-volume recipe keywords. On social media, McCormick has made significant improvements on YouTube from last year thanks to recipe tutorials featuring food vloggers, and is among the top ten tracked brands by channel subscriber count.

 2. Campbell’s
Digital IQ: 136

Campbell’s touts the best recipe site content of all with advanced filters for meal type, occasion and difficulty level. The brand also drives consumers downstream with add to cart features on ingredients/recipe content. Campbell’s leads all brands in nonbranded desktop and mobile SEO due to high visibility and best-in-class average top rank in the canned fruits & vegetables category.

 3. Barilla
Digital IQ: 133

Barilla bags a top spot in this year’s ranking by delivering best-in-class guided selling features, such as video content linked to product pages and an About Us page with ingredient information, leading to e-tailer handoff. The brand boasts high visibility by optimizing for pasta terms to win in organic Google search resulting in strong nonbranded SEO performance. Barilla also displays exemplary performance on YouTube, where celebrity ads helped it gain a 7.3% share of all video views in Gartner L2’s study.

 4. Hidden Valley
Digital IQ: 124

This brand overachieves in both organic and sponsored visibility on Walmart Classic and favors organic visibility only on Target, but with the same positive result. Hidden Valley optimizes for dietary trends around “keto” with a number of keto-friendly recipes on-site that integrate the term into titles and recipe descriptions, contributing to a 62% increase in monthly site visitors—a majority of that traffic stemming from organic search.

 4. Smucker’s
Digital IQ: 124

Smucker’s achieves the highest nonbranded SEM score of all studied brands, driving traffic to site as a result of Google text ad visibility against nonbranded fruit spread keywords. Additionally, the brand site supports multiple e-tailer handoff with inventory status.

 6. Nature Valley
Digital IQ: 123

A leader in paid search visibility, Nature Valley owns the highest nonbranded text ad visibility against granola bar terms on desktop and secures a top five finish in mobile nonbranded SEM with investment in both paid text ads and shopping ads.  

6. Talenti
Digital IQ: 123

Talenti made one of the largest year-over-year improvements from 2018 of any brand in the Index. The brand boasts exceptional organic visibility on Amazon Fresh against gelato & sorbet keywords as well as paid search investment on Google, powers nonbranded SEM performance across both desktop and mobile driving significant increases in the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing dimensions.

8. Jack Link’s
Digital IQ: 122

Jack Link’s earns a place in this year’s top ten thanks tp high visibility across all four e-tailers. On Walmart specifically, it outperforms private label brand Great Value in search visibility against nonbranded dried meat snack terms, in part due to its wide product assortment.

 8. Quaker Oats
Digital IQ: 122

Despite losing the top spot, Quaker Oats remains digitally strong with a mobile-optimized site that features 1-click add to cart buttons for ingredients/recipes, facilitating conversion. The brand is a strong performer on Amazon for cereals, granola, and the oatmeal category, owning 83% of the share of headline ads on the platform.

 10. Chobani
Digital IQ: 121

Chobani leads the yogurt category in organic search visibility against nonbranded Greek yogurt terms and is also among the top three yogurt brands in terms of paid text ad visibility. It is ahead of the curve with on-site features with above the fold links to third party e-tailers. Finally, the label is one of only two tracked yogurt brands to include e-commerce handoff.

 10. Land O’Lakes
Digital IQ: 121

Since last year’s Digital IQ Index: Food, Land O’Lakes moved from average to gifted class, driven by improvements in SEO/SEM strategy. In particular, it excels in branded recipe content on site with advanced filtering options, user ratings and reviews, and widgets allowing users to view ingredients at local e-tailers.