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Top 10 Home Care Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | May 26, 2016

CPG e-commerce sales grew 42% in 2015, and with non-food items particularly popular among online shoppers, Home Care brands have an unparalleled opportunity. But while a handful of top brands are raising the bar for innovation, L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care reveals that most are clustered in the Average-Gifted and Feeble classes – making clear that many Home Care companies have not yet woken up to the need for digital investments.

Home Care brands

1. Tide
Digital IQ: 144

The only Genius brand in the study, Tide remains at the top of the Index in laundry searches across e-tailers. Additionally, the brand’s Facebook video ads demonstrate that Tide is adapting to the social platform’s evolving advertising model, and the refreshed brand site facilitates purchase with solution-specific filters.

2. Kleenex
Digital IQ: 139 

With a near-monopoly on facial tissue searches on Amazon.com, Kleenex remains one of the top brands in the category with regards to e-tailer visibility. And while social media is often an afterthought for Home Care brands, the brand’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts have seen modest success.

3. Clorox
Digital IQ: 133

Solid product investments on Target.com and high review counts on Walmart.com indicate Clorox’s strategic e-tailer investments. The brand also drives paid search traffic to its site by purchasing “how to” search ads.

Paid keywords

4. Lysol
Digital IQ: 131

Lysol ushers site visitors through the purchase funnel with various features including advanced filters and sortable ratings and reviews. The brand also racks up organic mentions across the web thanks to its impressive level of brand recognition.

5. Bounty
Digital IQ: 129

Bounty consistently invests in enhanced manufacturer content on e-tailer product pages, contributing to its Gifted ranking. It also claims 28% of first-page real estate for relevant Amazon.com category searches. 

6. Charmin
Digital IQ: 127

Charmin lies ahead of the curve in mobile and tablet advertising investments, garnering 16% of Index impressions. The brand also scores high engagement on Twitter and Facebook with quizzes and surveys. 

7. Febreze
Digital IQ: 124

Since last year, Febreze has shown consistent improvement as evidenced by its refreshed desktop and mobile sites. Early adoption of Snapchat advertising signals the brand’s willingness to experiment with emerging formats.

Febreze on Snapchat

7. Glad
Digital IQ: 124

Glad gains major points for its savvy SEO/SEM strategy. For example, the “Glad to Give” campaign, which paired paid donation-related keywords with strategically placed ads on couponing sites, drove 12% of the brand’s site traffic.

9. Swiffer
Digital IQ: 121

Swiffer wins share of shelf on Walmart.com, and its branded coupons.com page features both a promotional video and sister brands. Swiffer’s video about its WetJet is the second-most-viewed video in the category. 

10. Seventh Generation
Digital IQ: 118

The brand’s advertising focuses on its environmentally friendly image. For example, one campaign features influencer Maya Rudolph discussing sustainability. However, Seventh Generation is in danger of losing its valuable first-page real estate in “laundry detergent” searches to Tide. 

10. Ziploc
Digital IQ: 118

One of just a handful of Index brands to experiment with CRM, Ziploc messages meal prep tips to consumers through SMS. The brand also generates engagement on Facebook by publishing recipes backed by significant spend.