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Top 10 Home Care Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Mar 08, 2019

With consumer demand for ingredient transparency on the rise, legacy brands have been slower to integrate ingredients onto sites compared to smaller, more nimble competitors. Even as brand building transitions to digital, most home care brands have yet to find their footing on visual-first platforms like Instagram. Additionally, Amazon’s growth increasingly threatens brand visibility and performance. The top brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care maximize the potential of their creative assets across top-of-the-funnel marketing channels, adapt to new digital platforms, and coordinate e-commerce media budgets to increase their share of online baskets.

1. Clorox
Digital IQ: 145
Clorox cleans up good when it comes to digital. The company takes the top spot thanks to a website rich with features including an interactive product-finder tool, how-to section with tailored content and best-in-class ingredients information—all accessible in a persistent navigation bar. The label also leveraged Facebook to drive engagement, achieving 329% growth in interactions year over year— the highest in its category.
2. Tide
Digital IQ: 140
Tide is the total package with the highest website and e-commerce score in the Index. The brand boasts product pages with product-specific FAQs, dosage information and the ability to filter and sort reviews. On social media, Tide takes the top with the strongest brand performance on Twitter, 7% growth in community size and 328% increase in engagement.
3. Ziploc
Digital IQ: 137
Ziplock cinches third place, prioritizing Facebook over all other platforms and promoting creative implementation of product packaging on the platform, appealing to consumers in a less visual category. The brand has mastered mobile too, ahead of all other brands in Gartner L2’s study. Its content-heavy site transitions well to mobile with “featured” highlights on its homepage, especially DIY content which is leveraged on mobile display ads.
4. Febreze
Digital IQ: 135
A strong presence across social platforms helps this brand breeze into the top ten. On YouTube in particular, Febreze achieved 40% growth in video views from last year. It also appears in 41% and 35% of Google showcase Shopping ads for nonbranded air freshener and odor eliminator terms, respectively, which contributes to impressive site traffic.
5. Seventh Generation
Digital IQ: 131
Sophisticated product pages with visuals, ingredient information, usage instructions, FAQs and filter-able reviews help Seventh Generation sparkle in this year’s ranking. On social media, the brand leverages user-generated and educational content, plus strategic partnerships to generate engagement.
6. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
Digital IQ: 129
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day conquers in DTC setup on its brand site with sophisticated features to simplify and expedite the shopping and checkout process. The cleaning company also continues to gain share in the laundry category — since December 2018, it increased its rank within Amazon’s top 100 bestselling liquid laundry detergents by six positions.
7. Arm & Hammer
Digital IQ: 128
Arm & Hammer armors up on making its site clickable, investing in how-to content that can be filtered by use case. The company makes sure to provide browsers with a variety of mediums, such as videos and links to ingredient-detailed product pages to send them further down the path to purchase.
7. Charmin
Digital IQ: 128
Charmin secures a cushy spot in this year’s top ten, having earned a covetable place in Amazon’s Best Sellers for toilet paper. The company also garnered high engagement on social platforms, especially Twitter and YouTube.
7. Dawn
Digital IQ: 128
Impressive desktop advertising with a long-running wildlife campaign help Dawn succeed. Additionally, its strength in e-commerce is further bolstered through its organic and sponsored visibility on Walmart, which is the highest out of all brands tracked in Gartner L2’s study.
10. Downy
Digital IQ: 127
Downy demonstrates best-in-class desktop and mobile SEO to help score it a spot in this year’s top ten. An immaculate site design supports this and is topped off with a variety of content including how-to video links, FAQs and product suggestions.