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Top 10 Insurance Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jun 07, 2018

As consumers increasingly conduct online research while shopping, insurance brands face two emerging threats. First, price comparison sites are encroaching on search real estate, increasing transparency in an already price-sensitive environment. Second, commoditization of insurance continues to attract insurtech disruptors that appeal to digitally-native millennials buying insurance for the first time. These ten brands boast the best digital practices in the evolving insurance environment, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Insurance:

1. State Farm
Digital IQ: 146

State Farm locks in the number-one spot in the ranking by demonstrating the best integration of content and commerce. The brand links rich interactives to policy comparison and find-an-agent tools to make its site engaging and intuitive. Additionally, it stands out as the only brand to go head-to-head with Geico on video, accounting for 23% of YouTube video views across the ranking.

2. Allstate
Digital IQ: 145

Allstate boasts the most extensive agent profiles in the study, featuring ratings and reviews, bios, awards, and the option to book an appointment based on availability. The company stays engaged on social media by using Facebook as a customer service channel and responding to two out of every three user comments. Finally, it’s the only brand to use a video “trailer” on the App Store to showcase the features of its mobile offering.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance
Digital IQ: 141

Liberty Mutual soars on mobile with over 14,000 app reviews and an overall rating of five stars. It also produces recruitment-centric content to draw audiences on LinkedIn and sends across re-engagement tactics for prospects that mimic those of retailers, including follow-up emails and final emails offering to negotiate for lower rates.

4. Progressive
Digital IQ: 135

Progressive performs best on mobile, serving the most static impressions out of all tracked brands. Its Instagram content centers around employees and promotes community with the hashtag #LifeatProgressive. On its site, it launched a Business Onwards content hub for B2B clients that has already garnered over 150,000 monthly visits.

5. Geico
Digital IQ: 131

As the largest purchaser of desktop video ads in the study, Geico serves nearly four times as many video ad impressions as Allstate. It also boasts the largest amount of YouTube subscribers, accounting for a third of analyzed views on the platform. On mobile, it consistently ranks among the top 10 Finance apps on the App Store.

6. American Family Insurance
Digital IQ: 130

American Family Insurance maintains a website that caters to all types of visitors, from those looking to get a quote, locate an agent, or apply for a job. It also ensures a seamless and consistent transition from desktop to mobile website. On social media, it brings a best-in-class Facebook Messenger chatbot to the table, efficiently answering frequently asked questions while directing complex inquiries to traditional CRM channels.

6. Farmers Insurance
Digital IQ: 130

A balanced SEM strategy yields strong visibility against keywords for Farmers Insurance across categories. On its site, the company adorns agent profiles with click-to-call buttons, directions to the nearest office and mobile optimization. Additionally, it posts press mentions on LinkedIn and Twitter to amplify the reach of this earned media.

8. Travelers Insurance
Digital IQ: 127

Despite a generic brand name susceptible to encroachment on Google by brands in other sectors, Travelers Insurance controls 75% of first-page listings for relevant queries, including travelers. It also makes it a point to target millennials, having launched a completely new digital brand, Traverse, specifically designed for the cohort.

9. Aflac
Digital IQ: 123

Aflac merges entertainment with information through social media. Using its brand mascot, a duck, it successfully integrates product information with the character to produce popular, cheeky posts on Instagram.

9. United Services Automobile Association
Digital IQ: 123

USAA’s first-mover advantage on Instagram has paid off—its brand following is twice as large as the next-largest in the the study. Additionally, it boasts the second-highest total interactions out of all tracked brands by dedicating its feed to content about its members and US military families.