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Top 10 Mobile Operators in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jul 13, 2018

In Europe, fierce competition between mobile operators has resulted in a stagnant marketplace with negative revenue growth. The explosion of over-the-top services, from WhatsApp to Spotify, has increasingly commoditized network services, reducing margins and, consequently, innovation. As mobile operators have sought to be all things to all customers, they have become jacks of all trades and masters of none. Here are the ten brands best coping with the crowded category, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators EU.

1. Orange
Digital IQ Index: 140

Orange excels with the highest YouTube community size growth and view count in France. It leads in Facebook interactions and impressions, boasts the most complete app, and is the only brand in France investing in Google Shopping ads on unbranded terms.

2. O2
Digital IQ Index: 139

O2 has the best overall site experience, facilitated by prominent and detailed plan and device finding tools. Additionally, O2 is the only UK brand focusing ad spend on video assets. Though it underperforms on other social platforms, the brand succeeds on Instagram, achieving 3.5 times the average UK engagement. Finally, O2 boasts the best in-country mobile site.

3. Giffgaff
Digital IQ Index: 136

Giffgaff leads with an on-site account section that clearly presents usage information and recommends mobile plans based on current usage. It also boasts the second highest ownership of branded organic search results out of all tracked brands. Lastly, it is one of just three operators that sends personalized SMS communications to users.

4. KPN
Digital IQ Index: 133

KPN thrives with an engaging website that features a chatbot which screens customer service queries before handing them off to live representatives. Its app reflects this as well by providing wait times to users looking to live chat.

5. Deutsche Telekom
Digital IQ Index: 130

Deutsche Telekom is the only German operator to allow shoppers to click and collect and book appointments from mobile devices. It has both the highest community size growth on Twitter and leads Instagram in Germany with the highest amount of interactions per posts. Thanks to the addition of mobile-optimized e-commerce and a store locator, its mobile site is the best out of all tracked brands.

6. Vodafone Spain
Digital IQ Index: 129

Vodafone stands out with the most complete store locator out of all studied brands. On social media, the brand shines with a YouTube channel that achieves the most views and community growth in Spain.

7. T-Mobile Netherlands
Digital IQ Index: 127

In addition to excellent customer service, T-Mobile Netherlands provides wait times for customers across all contact channels. To make customer inquiry processes more seamless, it also includes guided multiple choice FAQ pages.

7. T-Mobile Hungary
Digital IQ Index: 127

T-Mobile Hungary makes it into this year’s top ten as one of the few brands effectively using email newsletter marketing, which is clearly not a priority for other brands. To top it off, it also sends the most emails out of all tracked brands.

9. EE
Digital IQ Index: 126

EE succeeds with a best-in-class e-commerce experience. It includes a variety of omnichannel options, including click and collect. In terms of customer service, the brand also stands out as one of the few offering dedicated sign language video chat options for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

10. Turkcell
Digital IQ Index: 125

Thanks to video content featuring cartoon mascots, Turkcell scores high engagement across YouTube and Instagram. The brands puts in special efforts towards its content, catering it for social media with features such as zoomed-in framing, larger text, content that functions without necessarily relying on audio, and many videos resembling gifs.