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Top 10 OTC Health Care Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Mar 08, 2016

With health care costs consistently outpacing U.S. inflation, the $26 billion market for over-the-counter (OTC) health care products has experienced robust growth. However, OTC brands have largely been cautious regarding digital. Even when combined with prescription brands, the sector ranks last among the top 10 industries by digital ad spend. As a result, brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: OTC Health Care fall largely into the Gifted and Average categories.

Top 10 OTC Health Care Brands1. Poise
Digital IQ: 141

The top brand in L2’s Index distinguishes itself by offering a diverse array of content. Site visitors can build their knowledge base through FAQs, video testimonials, articles, and podcasts, then sign up for samples and coupons or engage in live chat. That strength carries over to YouTube, where sponsored video tactics generated over 12 million views over the past year, making Poise one of the top five performers in the Index. As on the site, videos promoting the brand’s product Impressa close with a clickable link to either a sizing sample kit or printable coupons.

2. Mucinex
Digital IQ: 140

Mucinex has proven its agility in digital advertising, leading its peers in both video and mobile ad impressions. In addition, the expectorant is an early mover when it comes to sponsored listings on e-tailer platforms. Mucinex gains further credibility by embedding a WebMD cold and flu map on its site’s landing page.

3. Tampax
Digital IQ: 138

Through employing celebrity spokespeople Demi Lovato and Alex Morgan, the brand has achieved a high share of voice on social platforms. Tampax also responds to negative customer reviews on official Amazon product listings.

4. Zyrtec
Digital IQ: 136

The best-in-class AllergyCast mobile app auto-detects users’ location and provides a localized pollen forecast and allergy management tips. Zyrtec promotes the app on its brand site, as well as on social media platforms and in marketing emails.

Additionally, the company joins the 27% of brands using comparison tables as guided selling tools. These encourage consumers to buy Zyrtec by showing how the medication stacks up against other 24-hour oral antihistamines.

5. U by Kotex
Digital IQ: 135

The brand has seen superior performance across social media channels, driven by the second season of the vampire web series “Carmilla” coupled with high engagement on Instagram. Additionally, the product selector on the brand site allows customers to quickly narrow down selections from more than 30 SKUs.

Instagram interactions

6. Always
Digital IQ: 134

Always amplifies the continued success of its #LikeAGirl campaign through effective promotion across channels. Meanwhile, the brand site features shoppable blog content, sophisticated product filters, and an efficient handoff to supported e-tailers.

7. Advil
Digital IQ: 131

Advil’s comprehensive digital advertising push helps the brand stack up a high number of impressions. Advil is also one of the most socially adept brands in the Index, active on all three interaction-driven social platforms and integrating UGC on its own site.

8. Dr. Scholl’s
Digital IQ: 129

The brand not only dominates search visibility on Foot Care keywords but also boasts sophisticated features on its own site. Examples include a “Product Consultation” tab as well as “Buy Now” buttons and clickable coupons.

Keywords linking to brand site

9. Tylenol
Digital IQ: 128

Tylenol leads Pain Relief peers across digital marketing. The brand is also strong on social media, where its #HowWeFamily holiday campaign drove high engagement.

10. Trojan
Digital IQ: 127

Trojan captures the highest reach and share of voice on Twitter with educational #SexFacts posts, and further increases that brand reach through a partnership with sex education vlogger Laci Green. The brand is also experimenting with more unconventional marketing strategies such as “Show Me Yours,” a mobile card game app.