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Top 10 Personal Care Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Oct 11, 2016

Personal Care brands are gradually building their digital competence. This year, fewer brands rank Challenged and Feeble in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, and over a quarter of brands improved their ranking by investing in mobile advertising, search engine optimization, and product visibility on leading e-tailers.

Top 10 Personal Care brands

1. Dove
Digital IQ:  152

Dove joins the Genius group this year thanks to last year’s extensive site relaunch. The brand also rapidly adapts ad collateral for video and mobile, reinforcing its disproportionate share of voice in the display advertising arena.

2. Gillette
Digital IQ: 148

Gillette earns high marks for rounding out site content with tutorials and coupons, thus motivating consumers to linger on the site and engage more with the brand. Meanwhile, targeted SEM efforts on category-specific terms like “razor” ensure critical visibility as Gillette fights off disruptors including Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club.

3. Pampers
Digital IQ: 147

As consumers increasingly turn to Amazon to buy Personal Care products, Pampers has established itself as a leading presence on the e-tailer, with significant product visibility across competitive Baby Care terms and extensive sponsored placements to counteract Huggie’s status as an Amazon’s Choice product. The Pampers Rewards program also lets Pampers personalize both marketing emails and mobile app content.

4. Olay
Digital IQ: 141

Like Dove, Olay joins the Genius category this year. The brand’s sponsored video content on Facebook garners millions of views, raising the bar for reach and engagement on the platform. Furthermore, Olay’s new Skin Advisor tool offers a best-in-class example of guided selling tactics.

5. Crest
Digital IQ: 137

Along with sister brand Oral-B, Crest differentiates itself by providing educational content. Users of Procter & Gamble’s mobile app can peruse videos and articles covering a wide array of dental issues as well as techniques to address them using specific Crest and Oral-B products. Crest also consistently promotes coupon offers across both its brand site and mobile apps.

6. Neutrogena
Digital IQ: 136

Coupled with copious email marketing efforts, diagnostic tools reinforce Neutrogena’s digital marketing capabilities. Notably, the brand also takes the lead in Amazon visibility within the Skin Care category.

Amazon visibility

7. Huggies
Digital IQ: 131

Impressive engagement across social media outlets enhances the brand’s robust rewards program. Additionally, Huggies garners a large volume of user reviews on e-tailer platforms.

7. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 131

The new Oral-B app, which tracks the user’s toothbrushing regimen, underlines the brand’s strong mobile capabilities. Combined with strategic allocation of media spend to mobile ad formats, the move testifies to Oral-B’s innovation.

9. Philips Sonicare
Digital IQ: 126

Replete with a broad range of video content and reviews, the brand’s product pages set the standard among Oral Care peers. And despite weak search visibility on YouTube, the Philips Sonicare channel racks up impressive view counts.

10. Axe
Digital IQ: 125

Axe’s leap from Average to Gifted makes it one of the study’s biggest winners. That move was driven by the “Find Your Magic” campaign, which was featured during Super Bowl 50 and successfully extended the brand’s reach across both digital marketing and social media channels.

10. Seventh Generation
Digital IQ: 125

Unilever purchased Seventh Generation in September for $600-$700 million, underscoring the independent brand’s impressive achievements in gaining online visibility despite minimal market share. Among other assets, the brand’s loyalty program invites users to host offline sampling parties in exchange for free products, samples, and coupons.

10. Tampax
Digital IQ: 125

Tampax’s Facebook community has seen both rapid growth and elevated engagement, underscoring the success of partnerships with celebrity influencers including Alex Morgan and Meghan Trainor. For example, the brand sponsored the latter’s recent concert tour, raising the frequency of brand mentions on the social platform.