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Top 10 Personal Care Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | May 17, 2017

Since 2011, CPG firms have lost $20 billion in market share. Online sales are increasingly key to growth, yet established brands face competition from both niche digital disruptors and private label brands.  The top brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care look to e-tailers to grow momentum, while simultaneously expanding their social and online presence.

Top 10

 1. Dove
Digital IQ: 150

Dove wins the top rank in L2’s study by turning out the best performance on Amazon, consistently winning the top search position against major keywords by volume. The brand also maintains its Instagram dominance after growing its follower count by more than 100% year on year.

2. Pampers
Digital IQ: 146

The diaper maker’s top scores on Amazon and Target testify to its impressive e-tailer investments, and Pampers also achieves best-in-class search visibility on Walmart. On YouTube, Pampers scores triple the paid views of the average brand. 

3. Gillette
Digital IQ: 144

Gillette invests heavily in mobile search, with top placements and search copy optimized for the smaller screen. Its heavy focus on display advertising yields seven times as many display advertising impressions as the average brand.

4. Huggies
Digital IQ: 140

Huggies earns the third-highest visibility in the baby care category, appearing against 7% of unbranded search terms. The brand also demonstrates impressively targeted social strategies, scoring above the 80th percentile on every major platform.

5. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 133

When it comes to mentions 
on coupon and health sites, Oral-B sits leagues ahead of competitors. The brand has also mastered social platforms, specifically Instagram, where its community grew by 10,000 more followers than the average Personal Care brand community – earning Oral-B a spot in the 97th percentile.

6. Olay
Digital IQ: 130

Olay leads in guided selling: its site offers quizzes, editorial content, and videos that link to product pages to facilitate e-commerce. Additionally, the brand’s email personalization strategy results in open rates of 19%—twice the Index average.

Email segmentation 7. Crest
Digital IQ: 129 

Crest scores more views on its YouTube channel than any of its rivals, over four million more than its closest competitor. The brand also offers the most coupons of all oral care brands and is present on four-fifths of coupon destinations.

8. Neutrogena
Digital IQ: 128

Neutrogena is the study’s top performer on Instagram, with a growth rate close to 200% and more than 100,000 new followers in the last year. The brand’s strong performance on Jet, Target, and Walmart also gives Neutrogena the most comprehensive presence in PLA results: the brand is featured in 75% of listings for branded searches.

9. Aveeno
Digital IQ: 120

Aveeno displays near-perfect branded SEO optimization, owning 94% of the organic real estate on branded search queries. Aveeno also garners more than triple the mobile impressions of the average brand at half the CPM.

9. Vicks
Digital IQ: 120 

The Vicks site gets half a million more visitors than the average brand site, demonstrating the brand’s skill at generating traffic. Vicks is also a star performer on Facebook, boasting a community more than six times larger than that of its closest peer.