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Top 10 Personal Care Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | May 18, 2018

Personal care brands are fighting off threats from all angles. New entrants to the marketplace are gaining Google search visibility on high-growth ingredient terms, direct-to-consumer and subscription models are providing differentiated consumer experiences around guided selling and personalization, and the retail ecosystem continues to put downward pressure on pricing. Here are the top 10 brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care best dealing with the new injection of competition.

1. Gillette
Digital IQ: 149

Gillette slides into the top spot this year with the highest organic visibility against unbranded men’s shaving searches on Google. Additionally, it serves the most Amazon Headline Search Ads of any brand, placing ads against more than 20% of competitor-branded and unbranded men’s shaving terms. Finally, Gillette speeds ahead with the fastest mobile site and tops off its Twitter with creative customer support.

2. Dollar Shave Club
Digital IQ: 148

Dollar Shave Club pulls through for second place thanks to a revamped website and persistent live chat for customer support. It achieves more digital advertising impressions than any other tracked brand and garners email open rates nearly double the brand average. Last but not least, it succeeds on social media with strong post frequency and the largest Facebook community growth of all brands.

3. Pampers
Digital IQ: 145

Pampers maintains ownership of the top organic position against its branded diaper terms and wins paid position via spend on text ads on Google. The brand also features well-optimized how-to content and amasses significant view counts on its YouTube channel, counting towards the largest subscriber growth in the ranking.


4. Huggies
Digital IQ: 141

As the second most reviewed brand on Walmart and Target, Huggies wins results in top visibility within the diapers & wipes category on those e-tailers. The brand rolls out original content including a baby hugs educational video with 12 million views, while active responses contribute to significant Facebook channel growth.

4. Neutrogena
Digital IQ: 141

With on-site category pages and filters that allow users to refine listings based on skin concerns and product ingredients, Neutrogena makes the cut for Genius status. It appears among the top three spots in over 70% of Google Shopping ads due to targeted spend boosting visibility against unbranded keywords and has nearly 11 times more mobile video impressions than the average.

6. Dove
Digital IQ: 138

Dove boasts outsize Google text ad visibility, aiding the highest traffic of all bath & shower brands. It leads with a best-in-class site including quick view tools and how-to content. It polishes off its performance by exemplifying how a brand can leverage display advertising to drive e-commerce performance with its Baby Dove product promotion.

7. Crest
Digital IQ: 134

Crest achieves 19% organic mobile Google search visibility from unbranded terms. Additionally, it drives traffic to its site with educational content and makes for a clean online experience with easy-to-use commerce features.

8. Sonicare
Digital IQ: 131

Sonicare adorns its website with a product finder quiz and easy hand-off to e-tailers with coupons to help drive conversion. It also segments its products by key benefit, making for an overall smooth e-commerce experience.

9. Avent
Digital IQ: 129

Avent stood out with significant digital marketing gains thanks primarily due to the highest unbranded Google Shopping ad visibility among baby feeding & pacifier brands, which it specializes in.

9. Johnson’s Baby
Digital IQ: 129

An outsize presence in WebMD articles contributes to the highest Google visibility in baby skincare for Johnson’s Baby, aiding shoppers in this high-consideration category. A leader in skincare and baby care, the company controls the lion’s share of Amazon’s organic Google results for unbranded baby bath product searches, with 29% of these links directing to Johnson’s Baby products, more than any other baby care brand.