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Top 10 Personal Care Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | May 16, 2019

Between consumers’ demand for natural and sustainable products, retailers’ profitability demands and an evolving digital marketing ecosystem, personal care brands face abundant challenges. After grappling with eroding market shares over the last few years, CPG giants have fought back. While some of the top ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care have turned toward acquisitions, others have doubled down on digital marketing while expanding their e-commerce and direct-to-consumer capabilities.

1. Gillette
Digital IQ Index: 144

Gillette glides into first place with features like above-the-fold subscription and bundling and robust PDPs with benefits and reviews. The blade brand also boasts the best web authority and highest site traffic out of all tracked brands, plus excellent visibility across social platforms, including the top score on Facebook with the highest share of interactions per post. Finally, Gillette comes through with a sharp mobile strategy, clinching a spot as one of the top ten brands with the highest mobile site traffic.

2. Pampers
Digital IQ Index: 143

Pampers pushes into the second spot with impressive PDP content with links to editorial articles, cross-selling and e-tailer handoff. The diaper dealers achieves the third-highest organic visibility on Amazon as well and leads in display advertising across the board. On social media, Pampers succeeds thanks to both brand and influencer posts and an active Twitter presence, boasting over 100,000 interactions in the last 12 months.

3. Burt’s Bees
Digital IQ Index: 140

A sweet social media strategy, particularly on Instagram, helps Burt’s Bees cinch third place. The brand is one of just five other tracked brands with over one million interactions this year on the platform. It excels in both branded and nonbranded Google search on mobile, especially dominating in nonbranded lip balm search terms.

4. Neutrogena
Digital IQ Index: 134

Neutrogena nabs a place in this year’s ranking thanks in part to best-in-class search, navigation and PDPs, with visual search, sort and filter features on products, reviews and Add to Bag buttons even on quick view. It leads nonbranded paid search visibility for face skin care terms and boasts a large email list size and an open rate in the top 4% of the index. Finally, Neutrogena shines with one of the highest absolute year-over-year follower increases on Instagram, coupled with an investment in influencer posts.„

5. Crest
Digital IQ Index: 133

Sparkling PDPs rich in content with product details, ingredients, ratings and reviews, and video content keep Crest in the top ten. The paste purveyor also wins with comprehensive site menus and an intuitive search bolster brand site. Among oral care brands in particular, Crest owns 50% of all Facebook interactions and makes strides on Instagram too, with 64,000 influencer post interactions to further strengthen its presence.

6. Huggies
Digital IQ Index: 132

This baby brand boasts a hefty presence on Amazon—one of the best in the Index—driven by investment in both sponsored products and sponsored brands. In the baby diapers and wipes category, Huggies impresses again with 40% sponsored product visibility—better than any other Index brand in any category on Amazon.

7. Dove
Digital IQ Index: 131

Dove makes a splash in this year’s ranking thanks to strong performance across e-tailers and social media platforms. On Instagram in particular, the brand leverages influencers to garner high engagement rates.

8. Oral-B
Digital IQ Index: 129

Oral-B shines with nonbranded organic search visibility in the oral care electric toothbrush category, helping to drive increasing monthly site traffic on both desktop and mobile.

9. Colgate
Digital IQ Index: 128

In the oral care category, Colgate boasts the strongest e-tailer performance, bolstered by high organic visibility on Target. The brand also maintains a mobile-optimized site and consistent investments in mobile display ads.

10. Sonicare
Digital IQ Index: 127

Sonicare scrubs its way into the top ten thanks primarily to a well-constructed site. This results in ease of purchase thanks to its category page sort and filter functions combined with product-focused editorial content, key benefits, and cross-selling initiatives.