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Top 10 Pet Care Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Sep 21, 2018

CPG companies are racing to capture the growth of the pet care industry. As ingredient-conscious shoppers shift toward digital, enterprises are targeting fast-growing pet care brands with prowess. The top ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Pet Care navigate the intense competition of the category and remain nimble at identifying, prioritizing, and scaling digital investments.

1. Purina Pro Plan
Digital IQ: 146

Purina Pro Plan cinches top dog position this year with a best-in-class brand site and a robust guided selling experience complete with clear links to products and a seamless path to purchase. It’s also one of just six Nestlé Purina PetCare brands that overachieves in both interactions and interactions per post on Instagram. Finally, it also boasts consistent search visibility for unbranded terms across e-tailer platforms.

2. Hill’s Colgate Palmolive
Digital IQ: 145

Hill’s thrives with a digital marketing performance anchored by best-in-class web authority scores and the second-highest email open rate. It stands out from the pack by registering more mobile video impressions on YouTube, with a total greater than the next eight brands combined.

3. General Mills
Digital IQ: 143

A top-five performer across every e-tailer partner, General Mills garners superb search visibility on Chewy for dog food and treats. In social media, the brand attracts impressive community growth on Instagram and the second-most views out of all tracked brands on YouTube.

3. Royal Canin
Digital IQ: 143

Royal Canin excels on Chewy with the second-highest visibility for dog food terms, while taking Chewy’s top spot for cat food searches. It also leads the Mars Petcare portfolio in Instagram engagement—only Blue Buffalo added more followers on Instagram over last 12 months. Additionally, it tops off its brand site search and navigation experience with touch-friendly product filters.

5. The Clorox Company
Digital IQ: 137

This company fends off competitor Tidy Cats with aggressive-sponsored product listings and headline ads on Amazon and Walmart. A coordinated use of star influencers helped the brand double its Instagram following without having to post regularly on its main account. Lastly, Clorox nabs the highest organic visibility on cat litter terms on mobile devices.

6. Purina Tidy Cats
Digital IQ: 133

Tidy Cats boasts SEO and SEM performance across desktop and mobile. Its performance leads to strong traffic and web authority, helping it sniff out the competition online and maintain a robust presence.

7. Purina Fancy Feast
Digital IQ: 130

Fancy Feast flourishes its site with rich product content that guides consumers down a path to purchase. It rounds out its digital performance with best-in-class e-tailer handoff.

7. Purina One
Digital IQ: 130

Purina One triumphs with a mobile site boasting space-efficient navigation and a mobile-optimized, buy now experience. The brand reigns on desktop, serving over 100 million non-video impressions.

9. Milk Bone
Digital IQ: 127

Milk Bone bags a top-ten spot in this year’s ranking with best-in-class organic visibility for dog treats on Amazon. Additionally, it snags the third-most mobile display impressions out of all tracked brands.

10. Friskies
Digital IQ: 126

Friskies made moves this year, including significant investments in bidding against competitors’ branded keywords on Google. The brand also boasts leading organic and text ad visibility on unbranded terms across the cat food category.

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