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Top 10 Restaurants in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Dec 12, 2018

Comfort food reigns as consumers prioritize relaxation and show an increased desire to stay home and order delivery. The top ten eateries in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants US this year use digital assets to improve convenience for customers, enabling them to order their favorite meals for pickup and delivery. But as consumers increasingly turn to couriers, these brands will need to decide whether and how to work with them.

1. Domino’s Pizza
Digital IQ: 141

Domino’s takes the wheel in this year’s ranking thanks to a well-oiled ordering service that now includes experimental ordering through its site chatbot, Dom. On mobile, the pizza purveyor also wows with regular updates and a slick UX, earning it millions of positive reviews for its leading iOS and Android mobile apps.

2. Starbucks
Digital IQ: 140

Starbucks keeps the buzz alive by securing a place as Instagram leader, locking in outsize engagement on product launch videos from a massive community of followers. The brand’s mobile app allows customers to seamlessly order ahead and earn points through Starbucks Rewards. Additionally, Starbucks takes geolocation one step further on its website, where logged-in customers can place orders for pickup and see which restaurants offer pickup via an interactive map.

3. Pizza Hut
Digital IQ: 139

With more than 10 million downloads on Android plus order-ahead features, Pizza Hut makes the cut thanks in part to its successful mobile app. The brand also garners an exceptionally high view count on YouTube and rolls out a large number of display ad impressions on high-quality sites to keep things hot.

4. Subway
Digital IQ: 138

Having tucked several new partnerships with four major couriers under its wing, Subway makes sure to link to all of them from its brand site, nabbing it major gains (ten spots up) in this year’s ranking. The sandwich slayer also served up an appetizing lot of product launch videos on YouTube, racking up more than two million views on the platform.

5. Papa Johns
Digital IQ: 134

Papa Johns manages to salvage a stake in this year’s ranking with the help of a super speedy desktop site—the fastest out of all tracked brands—that completes visually in just over a second. The brand also ensures rapid and frequent customer service via its dedicated Twitter handle and allows customers to easily switch between payment methods, including Apple Pay.

6. Panera Bread
Digital IQ: 128

Panera Bread stacks up plenty of digital dressings this year such as trackable delivery service and re-orderable past purchases via its mobile app. Furthermore, 76% of customer replies are made within fifteen minutes through its Twitter and optimized Google Maps listings make for consistent and up-to-date photos, plus links to the delivery site.

7. Taco Bell
Digital IQ: 126

Taco Bell constantly gives it customer something to talk about thanks to frequent posts on Instagram Stories and high engagement with its sizable following on Twitter. Additionally, the fast food joint offers sophisticated meal building tools via its website.

8. Chipotle
Digital IQ: 124

Chipotle checks into this year’s ranking with close partnerships with couriers, yielding effective building of its site’s e-commerce capabilities. Additionally, the burrito brand keeps success closely wrapped by constantly linking to local delivery partners.

8. Olive Garden
Digital IQ: 124

Sophisticated site product pages plush with ingredient lists help Olive Garden obtain a place in the top ten. The comfort food hub also appears organically against more than a quarter of Italian food queries.

10. Denny’s
Digital IQ: 123

Denny’s designates explicit descriptions to make loyalty benefits especially clear to customers. It also allows users to opt into SMS rewards and notifications and consistently places ads against branded keywords.