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Top 10 UK FMCG Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | May 16, 2017

Consumers in the U.K. are among the highest spenders on Personal Care and Home
 Care products in Europe, but major brands face a threat from declining brand loyalty amid the growing sophistication of private label products. More than a third of U.K. FMCG brands are digitally Challenged, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: FMCG UK. Many of them suffer from digital tunnel vision, according to the study – focusing single-mindedly on optimizing e-tailer performance without considering more holistic online strategies. In contrast, the brands below consistently turn out impressive results on multiple digital channels.

Top 10 FMCG brands

1. Gillette
Digital IQ: 156

Gillette achieves the highest category search visibility results on Amazon and other e-tailers, aided by its Dash button. The brand consistently outranks category peers in Google page results and its desktop advertising campaigns are unrivaled in both variety and reach.

2. Pampers
Digital IQ: 154

Pampers is the category leader in both organic and paid visibility and displays the strongest overall presence in PLA results. Additionally, the brand ranks among the top 15% for YouTube views and scores the most views on Facebook, due largely to continual post promotion.

2. Philips
Digital IQ: 154

Philips demonstrates the best overall digital marketing performance of any brand in L2’s study, boasting particular strengths in web authority and email. Philips also serves 2.5 times as many display ad impressions as the next-highest brand.

4. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 147

One of the only brands allowing users to compare products side-by-side on site, Oral-B makes them accessible to consumers with a live e-tailer inventory and store locator directory. The brand also boasts the top display advertising campaign on Amazon and optimizes customer service for mobile browsers.

Impressions by category

5. Dove
Digital IQ: 144

Dove is the only Genius brand scoring consistently high visibility across all U.K. e-tailer sites. It’s also one of just a few brands
 successfully using Twitter for customer service and achieves the second-best performance on Facebook and Instagram, using a mix of local and global accounts to achieve scale.

5. L’Oréal Paris
Digital IQ: 144

L’Oréal Paris maintains the most-reviewed and highest-rated app in L2’s study and is one of just two brands offering mobile live chat. The category leader in unbranded search visibility and Index leader in branded visibility, L’Oréal Paris owns 50% and 100% of those results, respectively.

7. Garnier
Digital IQ: 136

Garnier is the only brand that manages to scale its local Instagram and YouTube accounts effectively, achieving engagement that rivals leading global account L’Oréal.

8. Nivea
Digital IQ: 133

Nivea’s site is among the best performers in the study, although its Men’s site performs below average. The brand’s balanced investments across mobile and desktop advertising, combined with Nivea’s top social presence and visibility on Superdrug, result in the brand obtaining a higher Digital IQ in the U.K. than in the U.S.

9. Always
Digital IQ: 131

Always maintains best-in-class visibility on Ocado and strong visibility across all other e-tailers. The brand also makes good investments in mobile advertising, achieving the third-highest performance in the Index.

10. Colgate
Digital IQ: 129

Colgate has a far-reaching digital presence with leading visibility on unbranded search terms and aggressive display advertising on e-tailers and medical sites. Colgate appears on 58% of oral care terms, the best visibility of any brand in the study.