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Top 10 UK FMCG Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 12, 2018

The UK leads the Western world in online grocery sales, pitting e‑tailers against one another in a war of e‑commerce innovation. While Amazon continues to offer outsize visibility to up-and-coming players, e‑commerce platforms for brick‑and‑mortar retailers prioritize promotion of private label products amid continuing demand for low‑cost products.  Here are the 10 brands weathering the storm best, as listed in this year’s Digital IQ Index: FMCG UK:


1. Pampers
Digital IQ: 160

Pampers has achieved the top overall e-tailer performance two years in a row, with complete dominance over the diaper category. The brand is well ahead of its peers in visibility as well, appearing frequently in e-tailers’ Google Shopping ads on branded and unbranded terms. In mobile advertising, Pampers excels with a strong presence in e-tailer campaigns, best-in-class mobile search, and command of paid and organic results.

2. Phillips
Digital IQ: 147

One of the few brands to engage in email marketing, Phillips leads in desktop display advertising. Company-wide innovations across social media complement engaging oral care and shaving content on Facebook and YouTube, while live chat and multiple e-tailer handoffs make the website a smooth experience for shoppers.

3. L’Oréal
Digital IQ: 143

The only brand combining Facebook Messenger and on-site live chat for customer service, L’Oréal achieves the second-highest site traffic in the Index. Though its email strategy falls behind Genius peers, investments in paid visibility for unbranded search do well for the brand. On social media, the company focuses each Instagram handle on a specific product category rather than region, resulting in global content scope and Index-leading performance on the platform.

4. Gillette
Digital IQ: 140

Gillette achieves high organic visibility on unbranded searches and has a strong presence in e-tailer display campaigns. Its football-focused Twitter strategy allows it to stand out on the platform and generate above-average engagement, while a well-optimized website results in the best overall mobile experience.

5. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 133

Oral-B comes in at #5 with strong e-tailer performance. Though it fell from the Genius to Gifted category, the brand achieves dominance on Amazon and features extensive customer service options on its site.

6. Colgate
Digital IQ: 129

Colgate improved from last year’s Digital IQ Index: FMCG UK, though its own brand website still lacks e-tailer handoff. This year, it is the top-performing brand in visibility on online supermarket Ocado and the most visible oral care brand on Tesco.

7. Always
Digital IQ: 127

Always achieves seventeen times more views on YouTube than the Index average. The brand also maintains high visibility across e-tailers, especially on Asda.

8. Dettol
Digital IQ: 125

Though Dettol’s product pages lack the sophistication of other Gifted brands, it maintains solid investments across display advertising and search. This includes focused investments on a small number of videos to achieve an outsize view count. Dettol also provides links to relevant product pages on either its brand site or retailer websites to move users further down the purchase funnel.

9. Olay
Digital IQ: 125

A best-in-class product finding tool integrates a smooth path to purchase with Superdrug, while product pages on Olay’s own website allow for seamless e-tailer handoff.

9. Garnier
Digital IQ: 124

Along with e-commerce enabled product pages, Garnier is the only Index brand to cross-sell products as part of the same hair care routine alongside product details and where-to-buy information. Additionally, the brand incorporates user-generated content among various tips and articles with spotlights on key ingredients. Products have extensive reviews, many of which are sourced from Boots.